AKA Prez Gets “Klassy” Wax Statue of Self, Err … Not Cool With Rest of AKAs (O RLY)

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority President Barbara McKinzie and her wax likeness.You know what’s “unsisterly?” Suining your fellow sorority sister for misappropriation of funds.

Well, at least that’s what Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. President Barbara McKinzie thinks. I mean, all she wanted was a little wax likeness of herself. What’s the big deal? That wax statue is so money and we don’t even know it. It’s got her gray hair, skunk stripe and everything. That thing is BOSS. What is the problem, AKAs? Where’s the love?

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From Politics Daily:

CHICAGO (July 29) — Members of the country’s oldest black sorority are suing to remove their president, alleging that she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of the group’s money on herself — some of it to pay for a wax statue in her own likeness.

In the suit filed in Washington, D.C., the Alpha Kappa Alpha members also alleged that international President Barbara McKinzie bought designer clothing, jewelry and lingerie with the sorority credit card. She then redeemed points the purchases earned on the card to buy a big-screen television and gym equipment, the lawsuit said.

McKinzie denied what she called the lawsuit’s “malicious allegations,” saying they were “based on mischaracterizations and fabrications … not befitting our ideals of sisterhood, ethics and service,” according to a statement issued this week by the sorority. (Emphasis mine.)

Oh, really?

The lawsuit also accused the sorority’s board of directors of signing off on spending funds on McKinzie without the required approval by the group’s membership. For example, the lawsuit says the board approved a monthly “pension stipend” of $4,000 for four years after she leaves office and purchased a $1 million life insurance policy for her. The suit demands McKinzie be fired and return money to the sorority.

In the sorority statement, McKinzie took particular offense to the accusation that she commissioned a life-sized wax figure of herself that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. She said the sorority’s board approved the money to “help defray overall expenses for our 2010 convention.”

She said a total of $45,000 was spent on a wax figure of her and the sorority’s first international president, the late Nellie Quander. McKinzie also said the expenses were “consistent with furthering AKA’s mission” and did not violate any of the group’s bylaws.

O RLY? Barbara McKinzie? The sisters suing you are unsisterly. O-effin-REALLY? You were just “furthering AKA’s mission.” Oh REALLY?

One. If arguing about money in a sorority was “unsisterly” every effing sorority is unsisterly. Arguing about money is just part of being in an organization like one of the Divine Nine. Lord knows us Zetas argue about money. Everyone does, so Soror Spends-A-Lot can zip it on that one. Two. A $45,000 wax sculpture of YOURSELF? When you fly do you book a row a seats for you ego so it can come too? What the hell is wrong with you? See? This is why we can’t have nice things! Because you blow all the Ivy money on pimped out wax sculptures like you’re damn Caligula.

And this is embarrassing as hell. I’m not even an AKA and I’m embarrassed for them. They were doing just fine with Kimora Lee Simmons designing pink and green sweatsuits “just cause” and Barbie making dolls with pink and green outfits. They were doing JUST DANDY, but you had to go blow up the spot by blowing $45,000 on a wax likeness of your Skee-Wee self. Thanks, lady. Just thanks. I wish you could see the side-eye I’m giving you through the interwebs.

57 thoughts on “AKA Prez Gets “Klassy” Wax Statue of Self, Err … Not Cool With Rest of AKAs (O RLY)

  1. This is not about a statue. it’s about disregard of the will of the membership. Barbara McKinzie was paid $375,000.00 from member funds without the approval of the membership. The statue is the tip of the candle. For more detail go to the website friendsoftheweepingivy.com The lawsuit is downloadable.

  2. So, is someone going to write pithy reply to the thesis presented Sunday. Did anyone read the whole thing? I thought someone had copied and pasted an article for the New Yorker or Harper’s.

  3. Greetings…My name is Ne’sha, I was a Spring 2006 initiate of AKA. In the words of Soror Nellie Quander I am simply "HORRIFIED." This incident is not a good look for our sorority, I am embarassed and ashamed and Supreme Basileus McKenzie needs to step down and return the money back to the organization. The money she used could have been used to provide "Supreme Service to ALL Mankind," instead of using it for herself.In Simplicity,Ne’Sha Devineaka "Keshi"Spr 06#3 P.E.A.R.L.S.

  4. Okay as Intelligent as the members of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA no one though to ask questions at the cenntenial why there was no statue of Ethel Hedgeman Lyles but this chick gets one. Btw I live two blocks from the headquaters in Chicago. The number of vehicles that were double parked on Stony with AKA plates on them the morning after this went publicly was kind of hilarious. You should have saw the looks on some of there faces lol.

  5. I believe we are all entitled to our opinions if an issue is made public, we have to accept the positive & negative comments that come along with it. Not everyone will agree with all the comments that have been posted, but we should express our differences as sisters in a respectful manner. It is sad to see this issue surface & I am sure the intelligent women of AKA will resolve & keep it movin’ , just as other greek organizations have done in the past. However I do feel NO ONE has the right to judge any organizations choice on their elected presidents, except those that rep it! AKA, DST, ZPB, & SGR consists of individual members who collectively have the same principles in mind. What Zeta feels is appropriate for their organization may not necessarily be what AKA, DST or SGR agrees with and that is fine, because when you chose to join-you joined for life, just like a marriage (for better or for worst) – if you truly PLEDGED!! Sheryl Underwood being voted as ZPB president was a decision made by my Sorors & myself, how you feel about that really doesn’ t matter because you selected the organization of your choice and hopefully participated in the process of your presidents election, therefore downplaying another organization is neither he nor there. As mentioned before….SHERYL UNDERWOOD makes her OWN MONEY in many ways without ZPB dues!! ~Specifically directed at "Monie" on 7/30/2009~ so please redirect your statement in saying "how embarassing it must have been for ZPB to elect President Underwood; a comedian." MONIE you also stated that, " you say this to make yourself feel better." As I stated we are all in entitled to our opinions and my opinion is – take ownership on your organizations issues and do not downplay any Sororities election process that your vote would not have counted in anyway.Peace to all my GREEK SISTERS

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