What Does It Mean When Even FOX Viewers Don’t Want Sarah P. For Prez?

From Mediaite:

During Studio B with Shepard Smith, he revealed the results of a Fox News poll released yesterday. If these results had come from an MSNBC poll, or a CNN poll, the right-wing blogs would be in an uproar. However it was Fox News poll respondents saying that Palin’s next job should be as a homemaker (32%). Next up, talk show host. And at the very bottom, 6% thought she should be president. “The 6% is not bug friendly,” joked Shep, referring to the Fox News logo blocking the image. (Side note: Shep’s gigantic Boston Globe profile.) Again – 6%, Fox News poll.

7 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When Even FOX Viewers Don’t Want Sarah P. For Prez?

  1. If Palin were a professor, she’d be teaching the kind of class that everybody would either drop or transfer out of before the semester even started. But if you were unlucky enough to not get the memo in time, you would pretty much have to self teach everything and get any help you needed from the TA. …I still can’t believe people want her to be President. Sure, 6% is a small group, but still. With only a bachelors’ degree and a failed term as governor of Alaska. Good Lord.

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