The “Obama Is A Racist” Meme Rolls On (Video)

He’s not an American, he’s dangerous, he’s a racist and it just goes on and on and on. All part of some shameless projection of one’s own bigotry onto someone’s else. All about fear and anger and fomenting the nightmares of those who want to believe the worst about the 44th president of the United States all for self-righteousness and ratings. I guess it would be too hard to stick to the actual issues. Let’s just raise the hackles of the whackadoos, shall we?

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As a counter balance to this madness, here again is the greatest animated bit of David Rees’ “Get Your War On” ever, “New World Order.”

There are gonna be some changes, folks!

8 thoughts on “The “Obama Is A Racist” Meme Rolls On (Video)

  1. You’re a 100% right, Danielle. That’s projecting their own racist views onto the president. Very sad.

  2. That projection is exactly what I saw when everybody got all up in arms when POTUS called the cops out for acting "stupidly". Like he repeated over and over, he NEVER called them racist, he just thought that arresting a man who has committed no crime was ridiculous. Truth is, racists see themselves in other racists and when they thought they saw themselves in that cop, they immediately became defensive and responded by pointing the finger. As for all the rabble-rousing FOX has been doing… everyone ready for the race war? The whites all over America that have been stockpiling guns since the election sure are.

  3. Yeah, David Rees’ "Get Your War On" is hilarious. Thanks for reminding me it’s now animated as I used to read the stills every so often.

  4. There’s a big uproar this morning about Glenn Beck calling Barack "a racist". Poor Mika on Morning Joe was beside herself at the horror of it. I’ve learned this year(from watching Whitney on ANTM and discussions over at TNC’s blog that for many white people, being called racist is a really really horrible insult to which they take great offense. I literally had no idea. For me, it just seems natural that the majority of white people and even lots of us colored folk would have racist thoughts and notions that go unchecked. I would even go so far as to say white supremacy is so ubiquitous in the culture it’s barely registers half the time because it’s related so status quo. I think a lot of white people relate to themselves/ their physionomy, e.g. hair, skin tone, etc. as "normal." I’m more than willing to be wrong about that though.Long story short, I just can’t imagine BHO is all messed up about being called a racist by a crazy person. I think if somebody called me a racist, I’d shrug my shoulders, give them the side eye and keep on marching. I’m clear I’m no Stephen Colbert in that I do ‘see color’ nor do I aspire to a world of color-blindness at all. It’s not to say I’m "racist and proud", but it would be naive to think a person could grow up in this society without inheriting a certain amount of prejudice. I’m willing to be responsible for my prejudices – both acknowledged and unexamined. And like most people, once my eyes are opened, I’m plenty willing to give up outdated or ignorant ideas. I don’t think I’m unusual in that. Anyone else here of color get bent out of shape if someone [particularly a giant idiot like Glenn Beck] were to call you a racist?

  5. "I think a lot of white people relate to themselves/ their physionomy, e.g. hair, skin tone, etc. as "normal." I’m more than willing to be wrong about that though."-dkan71Just look at the the cosmetics industry. Foundations or powders represented by the name "Normal" are pale, and representative of white skin.

  6. Glen Beck needs 10 years on a psychiatrists couch and some strong anti-psychotic medications or he needs to stop smoking that crack.

  7. @ Lisa J. I don’t disagree, but if I were making $30M or $40M a year as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, respectively do, I might be calling Barack Obama a racist muslim terrorist too.

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