I Heart Larry Wilmore: The Comic Takes On Gates-Gate

12 thoughts on “I Heart Larry Wilmore: The Comic Takes On Gates-Gate

  1. I loved that he acknowledged the classism exhibited in Obama’s defense of Gates.Open your eyes and ears people.

  2. More face time for Larry, please!I wonder if he and Jon did that weird fist bump/hand grab thing they always do at the end of his segments. luvs it.

  3. I am usually a fan of Larry Wilmore and watched in hopes that he would be on to talk about the situation with Henry Louis Gates and the Police Officer. But was disapointed that he did not have the facts of the situation before commenting, like Mr. Gates was not locked out but door was jammed, or also the fact the the 911 call from the neighbor never mention race so the officer fabricated the report.

  4. I don’t agree with this at all. It seems as though they both sided with the police officer.

  5. Why did this whole thing seem rehearsed? And shame on him for being black and using the term "Blacky McBlack". What is this world coming to?

  6. Larry Wilmore gave up his entire shiny colored booty with this skit! Letting a white man use his black tail to run down another black man — who hadn’t committed a crime and understandably got angry and stood up to some cop for barging into his home and not accepting his proof of residence — who was himself being used to undermine another black man — the first black President of the United States who is trying to keep a campaign promised made to everybody by passing real universal health care? Unforgivable!Think Stewart wasn’t considering his own "street cred" issues to attract Conservative guests and viewers? Well, that’s what he sold out for. Check out who is applauding him for this on his website!BOYCOTT THE JON STEWART SHOW PEOPLE! Write him and let him know that he crossed a line with this issue. Tell him that even "America’s Most Trusted News Journalist" can only be so edgy before he blurs the line between what he is for and what he is against. Tell Jon Stewart that he made himself look like a friend of Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, and that swine Rush Limbaugh; and, that he made himself look even worse by using a black man to effectively don black face and then trash two other honorable black men and in 2009, that’s racist humor! SPREAD THE WORD!

  7. Larry and Jon are funny. They gave me a good laugh.@ IPhoenix, The question should be WHERE WAS SKIPPY’S WIFE. It was strange how the media keep her out of the lime light. Skippy made himself look like an educated fool, no one else is responsible for his actions. LOL, he married other race; but,it appears that the majority of his fame came his from Black Studies and DNA testing. What a ducking hypocrite. WHAT SHOULD ANY BW WRITE JON STEWART OR ANY MEDIA OUTLET WHEN SKIPPY’S OWN WIFE WAS IN HIDING. BW ARE BEGINNING TO NOTICE THE DOUBLE STANDARDS IN THE B/COMMUNITY.

  8. Yes, I needed to change some errors…not today.Anyway, what about Tiger and Elfin? Efin went into hiding (as much as she could); she became the media darling because the "Old Dog" cheated. Men and Women cheat…get over it! If Tiger’s wife was a bw the majority of people probably would have blame the bw for Tiger’s cheating, hypocrites.Don Imus….Hmmm, how many bm stood up for those young female basketball players? Maybe two?Therefore, save your breath and do not ask bw to stand for men who do stand for us.Peace

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