Google Stalking TJ Holmes’ … And Don Lemon’s Hair

Some folks on Facebook are not liking my no-longer future husband TJ Holmes and Don “Always Sweet, Neva Sour” Lemon’s shortly sheered haircuts. Seriously. They’re pretty. Who is checking for their hair (or lack there of)? Besides, Tony Harris has enough hair for everyone. Still, somebody wants to know, wassup wit da no hair?

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(M)any viewers are starting to say that the two should utilize the abundance of talented barbers in the Atlanta area. In fact, it could help improve their public image within the “urban” demographic.

There’s already a stigma about African-Americans “changing their image” to appeal to a broad audience. So, when certain viewers see that Don and TJ opt for buzz cuts- rather than popular hairstyles for black men- that can create problems.

The blogger concludes that it’s no big deal. As a lover of the Teege and Don, I agree. Their no-hair looks fine. Of course, my Mama would like them to grow it out, but my mama also thinks an S-Curl is the “man’s look” and tolerates Papa Snob’s wonderful Wolfman afro and beard, circa 1978.

I’m just sayin’ … her taste is questionable.

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13 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes’ … And Don Lemon’s Hair

  1. Ok, you’re sending me a new laptop if I spit my drink out on the keyboard again!Hee-larious!

  2. um, since when is the "buzz cut"/low Caesar not a "popular style" for black men? Who comissioned this? Mr. Isaacs, I’ma need you to start volunteering or doing something useful with all that time you’ve got on your hands.

  3. Freal @ miss kate.I mean he is right, CNN likely makes them keep it low so they are easier for white/mass audiences to deal with. But still… this is kind of random.

  4. Hey Miss Kate. I actually got the idea from my Facebook friends after I joked about it in my status message.And I don’t have that much time on my hands. I hate it when people say that because it has such a disrespectful connotation. I’m actually working to be like them, by building up a following. Plus, YOU had enough time on your hands to read this post didn’t you? So, who’s the one with too much time on their hands?Anyway…I thank Danielle for the exposure, even though it attracted the wrong audience.The photoshop deal took like 5 minutes and the blog an extra 5. It’s not like I took all day to do this.I threw this together before I went to bed last night and Danielle went Google search–> Blogs-> My Post.I started to be sensitive about this, but I realize that some women will always have something negative to say to men. And I’m praying for you.

  5. With the dreads, TH looks like Terrence Trent D’Arby. *giggle* Now I’m gonna be hearing "Wishing Well" in my head for the rest of the afternoon. LOL

  6. Could you take this post down please? Or at least remove my name because this is not the audience I want to attract. I’m kind of a "snob" myself. 🙂 I’m allergic to negative people.

  7. ? because we don’t get it, we’re negative man-haters now? ‘k dude. It’s really not that deep, but whatevs.

  8. Critiques usually mean there is "substance" involved. You know, something POSITIVE mixed in. ("Zack, I don’t understand why you would photoshop the picture to prove your point" or something like that)But it is negativity and hatred. And I’d rather not be featured on this blog anymore. Sorry, Danielle. Your audience wouldn’t mix with my audience. Way too negative. You deserve better. You’re a sweet young lady.

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