The Retort: Can Beer Cure Racism?

AverageBro rates the media and the principles involved in “Gates-gate.”

Here’s a sample:

Does anyone else realize just how absurd this Gates/Obama/Crowley nonsense has become? The clock is ticking on Obama’s deadline for a workable healthcare plan before Congress leaves on its August recess. Yet here we are, as a nation, focused on what’s essentially a pissing match between two grown assed men, both of whom might have exercised a bit more self control, and a bit less bravado. The non-story is still leading off news broadcasts, and seems likely to culminate in a planned visit of all involved parties to the White House to shoot the breeze, drank some brews, issue some canned “let’s all just get along” statements, and of course, pose for the obligatory Rose Garden photo op. I can already see the three cheesy, forced smiles right now.

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So trivial is the coverage of this story that semi-reputable news outlets are busy pontificating about what kinda beer the three men should drink, and what the symbolic message conveyed in that brand of beer might be.

– Samuel Adams Boston Lager – It’s the hometown brew for Gates and Crowley. Sam Adams is served at the Harvard Faculty Club and the Boston cop bar J.J. Foleys.

– Guinness – The quintessential Irish beer. Crowley is an Irish name, and Gates has some Irish blood. The professor had his DNA traced to learn his lineage and found out he’s a descendant of an Irish king.

– Goose Island Honkers Ale – Known as “Chicago’s craft beer,” it was the President’s local brew during his years in Chi-Town.

– Pabst Blue Ribbon – They can’t drink Budweiser because it’s no longer an American-owned company. They can’t drink Coors or Miller, because they’re owned by staunch Republicans. PBR is the next best thing for an all-American beer.

– Blue Moon Belgian White – Sgt. Crowley was drinking a Blue Moon when Obama called him on Friday. The President told Crowley that he, too, likes Blue Moon.

– Forget beer – “I think a guy like Prof. Gates would like cognac,” said Sam Mitchell, who was drinking a Guinness Saturday at d.b.a., an East Village bar.

No malt liquor, huh? You know someone’s gonna mess around and say something silly to this effect. My money is on Fox News. I can already hear the “c’mon, we were just joking, we’re not racist, we love John Legend!” apology coming.

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13 thoughts on “The Retort: Can Beer Cure Racism?

  1. The whole "oh I just love my black president" vibe is starting to wear off on me quick. If you look at what he’s actually doing…he’s kind of on some bullshat.

  2. Since I don’t think racism was involved in this case, I would have to answer no. Sorry, Obama’s timetable for his health care plan was always too ambitions. Didn’t Obama promise change in that bills would be posted and read unlike what he accused Bush of doing?

  3. His approval rating keeps dropping like flies. I can only imagine a year from now what people (even the ones who voted for him) are going to think of him. Situations like his weighing in on "Gates-gate" without all of the facts don’t help at all.

  4. So, who is suggesting that beer will cure racism? I don’t think President Obama is. After making his "policeman acted stupidly" comment (which I think was correct to begin with), the president seems to be attempting to clean up the fallout and calm the media frenzy surrounding his own remarks. I don’t think there is anything wrong with meeting with the two men (Gates & Crowley). I think it can help us begin to address the "conversation" that is so much needed regarding racism in this country. Isn’t that what we want? I mean, Danielle, you and others seem to criticize President Obama for not addressing issues that affect the black community; then, when he does something that raises nationwide discussions whether intentional or not (like last week’s comments and this week’s meeting with Gates and Crowley), then you criticize him again. I just don’t get what it is that people want him (the president) to do at this point.I think President Obama can continue to deal with healthcare issues as well as hold this short get-together with Gates & Crowley. Don’t you think so? BTW, Danielle, where is the pressure on Congress to address these healthcare issues? As far as I can tell, the president is doing his job of addressing healthcare; he continues to go around the country to talk about the need for reform. Why are we letting our U.S. senators and representative off the hook?Back to my original point: I think it would be a very positive symbolic gesture to have the three men talk –yes, even over beers . The gesture would certainly blow the minds of closet racists as well as make others more open to the discussion that we’ve got so much more to do here. I also think the meeting will take Crowley out of his protective comfort zone in Cambridge and make him face up to his own "issues."

  5. @ NewCenturyWomanThe headline is just a pun. The article wasn’t written by me. It was by AverageBro and we’re blog play cousins. My view on Gates-gate is different from his as evidenced in the columns I have written and I’m pretty sure Scott will happily inform you that I’m way too supportive of Obama.Little help, Scott? Other people who don’t care for Obama who read this blog?

  6. Sorry, Danielle. My bad. I just needed to vent and I just jumped to conclusions regarding who wrote the article. I am glad that this issue is being addressed on your blog. Thanks for keeping us informed and engaged.

  7. Snob:Actually I thought the ones you really supported the most were Michelle, the girls, T.J. Holmes and them maybe Barack.

  8. I think that all the talk that is going on about these remarks is just ridicules. Can you imagine people making such a big deal out of this if Obama wasn’t the President? I think that we just need to take a step back, and calm down. There is so much going on right now, that we don’t need to talk about these comments, but what is going on around the world. And the Media! Can you imagine!? They are talking about nothing else. Check out this interesting site that looks at what each outlet is saying about the comment.

  9. Guys, the "Can Beer Cure Racism?" line is pure Snobbish camp. I hope nobody took that seriously.Re: Obama’s approval rating, please don’t write the guy off after 6 months in office. I certainly don’t agree with most of what he’s done, but I think some of his policies (ie: the Stimulus package that’s apparently taking too long to get money out there) are going to take some time before we see tangible effects. Once the employment numbers rebound (they always do) and ObamaCare proves to not be as expensive as everyone thinks, the numbers will come back.Exercise a little patience, please. Rome didn’t burn overnight. It won’t get rebuilt that quickly either.

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