Looking For Folks With “Unconventional Wisdom”

Belton Family PhotoAs the Unconventional Wisdom Series rolls on I wanted to highlight what’s been written about and what topics we’ve yet to cover.

So far myself and other contributors have written ten out of the twenty-four proposed topics. The ones in bold are the ones that still haven’t been written. If you’re interested in tackling any of them, just give me a holler at blacksnob@gmail.com.

5 thoughts on “Looking For Folks With “Unconventional Wisdom”

  1. You’ve got some of the dopest family photos ever. Taking a picture outside while someone is on a horse was probably common in Black rural families, because my grandmother has one with her younger grother on the horse.

  2. @ ScipioWe were fortunate that one side of my father’s mother’s family kept a lot of pictures dating back to the late 1800s. A trio of aunt’s held on to all the photos (that’s one of them, Ollie, the one in the hat, patting the dog) and kept a log of family history. They didn’t throw out a thing and when we inherited their home it was filled with pictures, mementos, and other historical documents. The only sad thing is my dad only knows a few of the people in the pictures, so some of the people photographed have been lost to time. My mother’s family has more of an oral history that’s been passed down through the generations, but few pictures.

  3. I’m very intrigued by The Lonely Life of a Black Liberal,where were you thinking about going with this one? I would also love to read Black Feminist isn’t a dirty word; have you ever thought about contacting Rene,she runs the Womanist Musings blog, to write an essay or even Rebecca Walker, i would love to read an essay from her about the topic of black feminism.

  4. You have so many awesome vintage pictures of your family! It’s great to see that your family photographed themselves. I recently went to a family reunion and can now date my family back to 1831. I think having this sense of history brings about confidence.

  5. You are lucky, there are no pre 1950s photos in my family, and the ones we do have are school pictures, we don’t have any photos of adults.

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