It’s The Same Song, But Not Really

It seems American Idol, pop singer Kelly Clarkson has a wee problem. Her record company, against her protests, has released her new single “Already Gone,” which uses the exact same music as Beyonce’s “Halo,” which has been out for weeks now.

“No one’s gonna be sittin’ at home, thinking ‘Man, Ryan Tedder gave Beyoncé and Kelly the same track to write to.’ ” she said. “No, they’re just gonna be saying I ripped someone off…

“I fought and fought” to stop it, she said, but couldn’t. “In the end, they’re releasing it without my consent,” says a frustrated Clarkson. “It sucks, but it’s one of those things I have no control over. I already made my album. At this point, the record company can do whatever they want with it. It’s kind of a sh- – -y situation, but . . . you know, you learn.” (Huffington Post)

Yeah. Sucks to be her. But is the song any good?

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Kelly’s version:

Beyonce’s version:

I actually like “Halo” and think Kelly’s version, while obviously using the same version of the music, is different enough that there shouldn’t be too many side eyes. But this is another classic example of how the record label honestly could care less about what you think even if you’re both pop artists with big voices being played on Top 40 radio and there’s a good chance your songs will get played back-to-back somewhere. C’est la vie.

What do you think of the two tracks?

26 thoughts on “It’s The Same Song, But Not Really

  1. I am a Clarkson fan, ♥ the girls voice. I agree, they sound different enough to not be an issue, IMO… I like Halo too, it is a good song.

  2. I like Kelly’s song. And it does sound different to me. I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t point it out. That’s the state of pop music now-a-days anyway…

  3. Disturbing, coming so close after the Liar cover controversy. It’s shocking how much control artists give up to get published and promoted.I like Halo….

  4. I detest Beyonce, so I feel bad for Kelly. Some naieve fans (of either her or Beyonce) may think she got Beyonce’s sloppy seconds, since this track was released so long after Halo. It may get more airplay for that reason, though. I’ll listen to almost anything as an alternative to Beyonce’s bleating like a goat.

  5. Halo is just another boring Beyonce attempt to be pop. I am betting on Kelly’s version, why would pop fans buy a black girl trying to be Pop when they buy the white girls record

  6. Sort of like when Pat Boone did Little Richard’s songs. Pat kept the money too.

  7. I hate Halo. I think the title should be "Hell no". Whenever I hear the song, I grit my teeth and turn the dial. I love Kelly Clarkson and this is one of my favorite songs from her new CD. I don’t think the songs sound that much alike. They’re different enough where I don’t think people will think that KC stole Beyonce’s song.

  8. "Bleek, when we were in Paris, what’d I tell you? I *told* you not to buy them that same red dress. Now look." (c) Spike Lee as Giant

  9. @polticallyincorrect – Michael Jackson IS the king of pop, so what’s it got to do with race? You must be in 2nd grade.

  10. That’s messed up if he really did that. I believe her and hopefully her song holds it’s own. Sucks that she has to be compared to Beyonce now because they have two totally different styles, but I love her music too and am glad she’s back.

  11. This is splitting hairs, I think. The track uses the same chord progression most pop songs use anyway. It probably won’t make a difference to most people because it’s what they’re used to anyway and it sounds "different enough" just the way everyone else’s stuff sounds "different". The formula seems to work. Eat it up, world!Yay, pop music…

  12. Exactly. Politicallycorrect must be ignorant. Janet Jackson is pop too. Black girls can be anything they want. Pop, rock, whatever. It has nothing to do with race.

  13. The first time I heard "Halo" I thought it sounded less like a Beyonce song and more like a song that Jordan Sparks or some other AI star would do. I think I would like the song much better if ANYBODY else but "B" sung it.

  14. I didn’t know two commenters could use the same pseudonym. The comment above is not from me.I enjoy both artists, but I think Kelly is the more talented "solo" artist.

  15. I can hear the similarities to both songs but I don’t know if I would have caught it without it being mentioned. At any rate I like both songs and don’t think that Kelly did anything wrong.

  16. Stop acting like Janet and Michael careers weren’t in decline the past few years while that hag Madonna has remained on top. Music is not post racial as some like to think

  17. When we limit ourselves by enclosing ourselves in these little boxes we miss out on the entire world. I have to agree music is music regardless of who sings it and whatever category man has placed it in. The majority of us don’t only listen to one type of music and we will buy and listen to what we want too. I, personally like it all just as long as it sounds good and is not garbage.

  18. @politicallyincorrect Madonna on top? Since when? Madonna stopped being remotely relevant after Ray of Light, and that was 11 years ago. Anything since that album has been nothing more than a desperate grab for attention. Everyone knew that Michael’s career was on the decline, but I don’t think Janet was as bad off as either MJ or Madonna. The only f’in thing on the radio right now is Lady Gaga. I don’t know how people listen to that garbage.

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