Vibe Mag Subscribers Get Lawyers, Demand Editorial Satisfaction

Or cash, whatever works.

From Folio:

Less than a month after Vibe announced that it was going out of business, an angry subscriber this week filed a federal lawsuit claiming breach of contract. The reader, Enterprise, Alabama resident Kenneth Rogers, reportedly purchased a one-year subscription to Vibe three months before it folded.

Rogers is petitioning for all of the magazine’s subscribers to get a refund for the issues they won’t receive. According to the lawsuit, Vibe’s Web site “continued to contain links to advertisements enticing customers to purchase subscriptions to the magazine” even while the company was “quietly closing up the shop.”

The suit said Vibe Media Group, which is named as a defendant, should have notified subscribers of its intentions to close the magazine.

2 thoughts on “Vibe Mag Subscribers Get Lawyers, Demand Editorial Satisfaction

  1. every magazine does the same, some magazine that have officially ceased still have web sites up accepting subscriptions, usually they will refund your money if you call, other wise they will send a subscription to another magazine owned by the parent company

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