Novelist E. Lynn Harris Is Dead

From Galleycat:

Essence reports that Michigan-born novelist E. Lynn Harris has died, leaving behind eleven novels about the African American gay community.

Before his writing career, Harris studied at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville where he reportedly served as the first black yearbook editor and the first black male Razorbacks cheerleader. He self-published his first novel, “Invisible Life,” which was later picked up by Anchor Books. His latest novel, “Basketball Jones,” came out from Doubleday in January.

2 thoughts on “Novelist E. Lynn Harris Is Dead

  1. Before I gave up reading secular artists books E.Lynn was my favorite. He was one of a few authors whose books I would purchase without skimming through it first because I always knew I would enjoy reading it. This is a great loss to the literary group as a whole. I have read most of his books and always looked forward to reading his next release. He will be truly missed. RIP E Lynn Harris.

  2. He was a Bourgie trailblazers that educated me on not only the life of gay and closeted bisexual men but he educated on me on what the Bourgie growing sub-culture looked like. His addiction and membership of it gave me a mirror to see I was headed for it. So he gave me the information along with a lot of other Bourgie authors that I taught me who I was and how easy it was to get swallowed into the lifestyle thinking it was "positive" when it was and is extremely narcissistic and self-serving even when putting forth to be "positive"I thank him for his contributions eventhough it initiated along with other writers the obsessions of narcissism and "check off the boxes superficial goal-setting" disquised as strives for "positive self-esteem". He really taught me who to try to not become in who and what he valued as successful. I truly thank him still.

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