Lou Dobbs Frustrates Roland Martin and Chris Matthews Murders A Man On Live Television (Birthers)

Roland Martin of CNN and Chris Matthews of MSNBC took to the airwaves with the same mission: to kill the “birther” argument over whether or not President Obama is a citizen of the United States. How did they do? Well, the results were mixed.

While Lou Dobbs was a wily, slippery, recalcitrant foe for my fair Roland “Rolly Rolls” Martin, Chris Matthews killed G. Gordon Liddy with his flapping yap, leaving the old ex-convict a withering, muttering muddle of nothingness.

Let’s look at the tape!

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Basically, Liddy looked like the shameless whackadoo that he is and Chris relished in his destruction of him. (I’m sure he smoked a cigarette afterwards and had a fine glass of Chianti.) Roland was passionate, but got flustered and Dobbs danced around and mocked his passion in a manner that recalled a scene in “Goodfellas” where Billy Batts chidingly tells Tommy to “go get his fucking shine box.” I half expected an exasperated Roland to pick up his chair, bludgeon Dobbs to death, then call up Soledad O’Brien and Don Lemon to help him dispose of the body in the Catskills.

Lord, if that only had happened.

Oh well. The birther debate woefully lives on, fueled by the media who now can’t stop talking about it. Like this guy pointed out the fact to David Schuster on Countdown, that this story only exists because they keep reporting on it and Schuster got all huffy and defensive. (Hey! We were supposed to just sit around and bash Dick Cheney’s daughter! Stop making it about my network’s exploitative reporting!)


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12 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs Frustrates Roland Martin and Chris Matthews Murders A Man On Live Television (Birthers)

  1. If he would just cooperate and prove to us what we want… if she would just say what we want to hear… if he just kept his cool while we called backup on his 58 year old self…I mean, c’mon. It’s funny to me at this point. All these supposedly innocent requests that are supposed to be typical and benign… The language of racism and the performance of White Privilege (yes. it’s huge enough to be capitalized…not trying to be ironic… i think) is on display, but many people missing itI’m copying this from a convo I am having with my beautiful sister while writing thing. Her rant sums it up for me:I love how white conspiracy theories get on CNN – theories that are clearly ludicrousbut Black people, with their Tuskegee hoaxes and irrational Tuskegee fears are crazyit’s a win win. White people get to air cloaked racism while White people defend Obama openly and get even more clout for being anti-racist or color blind. They’re not just defending the president, they’re defending a Black manso, it’s Win Win for them. Jews don’t own the media, white people do, period.

  2. The Lord Their God could manifest herself, come down some random mountain, overtaking all communication and display a floating video to everyone showing her burn the words "Obama, was born in Hawaii. Period. Signed – God" into a stone tablet with her eyes….while simultaneously burning the same message it onto the backs of everyone’s hands…while angels blared trumpets in the sky … and these birthers still wouldn’t accept it.

  3. I happened to catch portions of both the ‘don’t u sass him, boy!’ moment between Rolly & Louie (ouch) as well as the Cooting (like being outed but older) of Liddy.The basic diff between Roland & ChrisRoland, as a black man, was seen as "on Obama’s side" and bias to the facts because the POTUS is a black man.Chris, as a white man, was seen doing an thorough dressing down of a wackadoo. That’s some good TV, btw!Ugly Truth: This is not a fight that black faces can wage. Its time for WT to get up, speak up, and tell their paint chip-eating cousins to sit down & shut the eff up. Until they do, this ‘spiracy will continue. Kudos to Matthews

  4. U know, I’d like to see someone press Megan McCain into weighing in on thisnot that she’s relevant personally. She just represents the "GOP youth vote"It’s like the Does Rush Lead the GOP question. Every person that like to present themselves as a rationally thinking GOPer should be pressed to weigh in.

  5. You know, I’m finally understanding the sick rationale of the "Birthers" a little. Maybe Hawaii is just a weird state that didn’t produce an official birth certificate like the other states. Just maybe Obama was born in Kenya and there is a family coverup. As far as I’m concerned, his mother is American, he was basically raised here, and that makes him a citizen of the US. End of story. Let the Birthers believe what they want. They’ll never accept Obama as president even if God himself produced a certificate.

  6. The entire issue of the man’s supposed faux nationality is stupid and childish. You can be born in Timbuktu, Egypt or Iran for that matter, BUT if you’re born to a Mom who’s an American citizen, YOU ARE an American citizen.End of story. They have nothing to complain about so they need to STFU. Idiots.

  7. Stop Racial Profiling President OBAMA , HA HA, Black Man Bcomes President , Now They Want To Start ,A Show Your Birthcertificate Law . Nothing But A Distraction ! Stay Focused and ,(Peep Game):

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