Valerie Jarrett on Cover of NYT Magazine

13 thoughts on “Valerie Jarrett on Cover of NYT Magazine

  1. Oh Snob, I am so mad @ you.I got sucked into this article. I haven’t had lunch and I’ve got work to do today…9 pages. I forgot that I was @ work. Now I’m all – I gotta get a copy up to my kid so she can read all about one of the most fabulous people on the planet.thanks for the link.

  2. Am I the only one thinks that photo of Valerie looks like a booking photo? That’s not an attractive cover. Kinda reminds me of the infamous O.J. cover on Time.

  3. As the resident, anti-Obamite, I thought it was a great article. I for one, am comforted by her presence in the White House. Can you imagine what his relationship with the African American community would be if she wasn’t there?I also think the cover shot is a great portrait.

  4. I just read the first page. I appreciated what the CEO’s had to say about having an advisor that the CEO trusts and can discuss an issue w/ him. Can someone please call her and find out why Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Fredo aka Timmy Geithner and others from Citigroup have his ear on financial policy and he is not listening to Paul Volcker?

  5. She’s a kingmaker. Impressive. This woman is complex and complicated. I don’t really care to read the story right now because she seems like she wouldn’t deal with my kind. It’s like seeing that sign on the glass at the Dept. of Treasury that reads "so close yet so far". She ain’t feeling my type or those even less fortunate so reading about her while knowing her stratified propensity to select Black Ivy pedigrees to mentor and christen is frustrating to support. I need to read it though…just not today…not tonight. I’m on elitist overload ’bout to scream. She makes it hard to be hopeful no matter how radiantly beautiful and selfless she has proven to be to Barack and Michelle, the lucky recipients of her commited dedication and vision.She is mysteriously gifted with the extreme talent in leveraging power that seems magical because it is rare of her selfless performance to share her life with others to king them. That’s a skill that can’t be copied or stolen. She’s a beast that must be respected. I respect her prowess but I just can’t revere her tactics and strategies in their whole composite. I just can’t get overly excited about her because her actions has shown that she believes a certain pedigree quotient is mandatory to be on the receiving end of her service and so far that leans to prove her preference of Ivy pedigree in association. She does not do the Messiah handywork of kinging regular Black folk as charity projects in mentoring. I see her M.O. a mile away and I’d have to get Benjamin Franklin’s philosophical arguments to articulate this to her for me and others that it quietly hurts to know what she prefers to SEE in a type by what we cognitively can deduce of how she moves and have made her choices to Godfather a certain type–not our kind. Her trace habits shows her value system that would not be very open to my kind educated from an HBCU. (Or is she modulating…the Surgeon General choice that was not an Ivy selection might have been made by under her brokerage or simply supported by her.) Or at least not yet has she shown a track record of dedicated commitment to investing in Blacks that matriculated from HBCUs. When finding out her daughter attends Harvard Law and Desiree’s attends Yale and how she mentored Barack and Michelle, one would question if she has time for regular Blacks who are not affliliated by-products of pedigree educational training. Noticing the trend in White House hires of the Obama administration does not defend against my suppositions of her prefered choices in elite prejudice.So I remain bittersweet in being prideful of her. I think she is dynamic and can’t take anything from her of what she earned and made for herself and others. I love her fearlessness and ferocious capacity to obviously invest in visions. And she is obviously generous to Barack and Michelle for years of dedication when their/his vision with hers seemed unthinkable. I don’t know any Black Boomers who would make that type of space in their young lives like she did when she was younger. She decided to invest long-term in other people who were not her children and it took time away from her focus on herself. That is magnificient. Selfless. She gave of her limited time on this competitive earth to help someone(s) who were not her progeny. It’s Valerie’s lack of inhibition to support young members of her race (of associated affinity) outside of her bloodline like Barack and Michelle is what is transformative and is the missing link of our missed opportunities to bond as a people and create residual building blocks that have capitalizing opportunities in ROI of the human capital, social capital, and poltical capital of our people. Other Boomers her age who are Black have proven to be too self-interested in themselves as if life begins and ends with their opportunities. Other Boomers would not have mentored Barack and Michelle even with their pedigree grooming. And I have seen that stylized trend seeped into rationale of my generatin being selfish like their parents. I don’t think people get Valerie’s nucleus and what makes her special. She obviously was a visionary then and is still a mysterious visionary. I just would like to know if her vision can expand to care about others who don’t fit into her masterplanning of being the right prototype to lead. Women’s Rights’ advocates want to know the same thing if she can expand her interests further than those that fit into her coterie and her masterplan. (Maybe the article addresses my concern. I will read it tomorrow.)

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