The Retort: Black In America 2 LiveBlog!

3 thoughts on “The Retort: Black In America 2 LiveBlog!

  1. Solledad O’Brien you can have your Black Journalist card back for that on Wednesday night. I was thinking you was just trying to "pass" with that first one , but you did well by your people. it was great to see you show us all the educated African Americans in America who are reaching back. Everyone needed to see that. I watched it with my kids and I don’t think it even dawned on them that everyone on the program was college educated trying to help others be the same. That was powerful. That darn show actually brought a tear to my eye at one point and I’m a grown a$&& man, Dog. See, its that type of vernacular that we need to change, but Sista Soledad, "You did your thing!" Mad me proud. Ps. Soledad O’Brien actually understood the "Skip" Gates side as well, whiich was refreshing, because white America can not believe the Cops could do no wrong, especially when it comes to whom they refer to as "Uppity Negroes". The saga continues there, but you got your Black Journalist Card back, Sista. Can’t wait to see the "Latina in America" show.

  2. I liked her documentary too. But I thought the pre-game show was suspiciously too much like church trickery. I understand why it was done. You pull out all the usual suspects that have a constituency that by association are bridge factions built-in. It was exhilariting to see the Black audience sit in what looked like Times Square not yelling at or singing along to some singer. It looked like a sincere group that wanted to see what she uncovered.I appreciated her having Bev Smith on–someone a lot of mainstream people nor young Blacks know about. I loved Bev’s unapologetic fever and her being the only legitimate radio personality on the stage that lives her life without double-talk execution like the others on stage who are notoriously duplicitious and self-serving entertainers. Havng Dr. Gates on was a coup and grace from the media Gods benefiting on perfect timing of variables aligning at the right time of her need for showmanship of her agency in doing the shows as products of corporate media with sincerity on her part.I loved Malaak Compton-Rock’s initiative. It provided experience to those children to take them to a level of self-reflection for them to start to realize they must realize there is so much kept from them but they must uncover it and explore and envision. Dr. Perry was relieving to see because so much he practices is so old-school. I like that he admitted he was tough. Our people hate tough people. And even Mr. Rice’s innovative concept was breaktaking. I can’t criticize it’s conception because he is telling the truth from where I sit everyday realizing my family never spoke the language or had the access or maturity to prepare me to be where I am seeing by luck of the draw how real power is wielded and it is a completely different world that does not allow many of us access. It’s a club and if you know how to access entry you can move about but without the training, it is really hard to enter. Where we work, they literally will ask existing team members in an overabundant sessions of questioning whether the person "fits". That is the final and resounding question that determines if we get access in and it has little to do with your politics rather than if you know how to handle all of your baggage in their world to first fit as diverse accountrements of change for them.

  3. This was way better then the last one. Instead of making me feel depressed and hopeless for black folks, it gave me encouragement to know that there are blacks doing great things, and it isn’t a rare mythological creature of black folks. As a college student, it makes me realize that I must first better myself in all avenues. Then, I have a duty to help all of those around me. That’s what black folks need to make a difference we need to hope and we need to see that our goals are attainable. Showing more successful black professionals on television can do that. (Why do you think our youth continually attains to become basketball players, football players, rappers, and actors? Because that is what they see; that is what they think is attainable.). Soledad has shown America that there is another side of black life. That side needs to be continually shown. We need to show our youth that they can take success instead of always hoping it will come to them.

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