Snob Brain Is Fried, Dyed and Oozing Out the Side

Something entertaining about the otherwise dullsville Sotomayor hearings. (How many ways can you ask one question?)

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Yeah. Even I sometimes run out of things I feel like talking about. While I spend the day rejuvenating my brain matter and thinking up stories to tackle for the ‘morrow, drop me some links on what’s “hot in the streets” right now and what you think should be news on The Snob.

5 thoughts on “Snob Brain Is Fried, Dyed and Oozing Out the Side

  1. I posted this on my blog a few days ago, too! White has been "default" for so long that people don’t even question a white man’s perspective–and it’s sad, but that includes people of color as well. It was refreshing to see a white man acknowledge this issue.

  2. Good stuff. I wish we as a nation were in a place to discuss this. It’s funny how "invisible" parts of Obama’s life had to become in order for him to be acceptable in the U.S. as well. His people got real buff with all that heavy lifting to throw people under their campaign bus…We have not arrived.

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