WTF: Lil Kim and Cyndi Lauper duet for Mandela’s Birthday

9 thoughts on “WTF: Lil Kim and Cyndi Lauper duet for Mandela’s Birthday

  1. I guess she is trying to change her image. I think she realizes as she rounds her mid-thirties crotch shots, cunnilingual Braggadocia and singing about baguettes (bread or otherwise) can take you but so far. Maybe she is trying to rekindle interest in Lil Kim 101 & 102 (ala Syracuse University) so that a new course can be offered in local community colleges. They can call it Lil Kim 201 ‘Life after the "Queen Bee" Dies: Putting your Crotch in Retirement.’

  2. I will assume Mandela is mostly deaf and can’t hear this.Poor Cyndi. Bless her heart.

  3. Oh Lord. Cyndi has perfect pitch & 2 good ears.The picture is grainy but I bet her ears are bleeding in this video.Don’t worry Kim, Hooters eagerly awaits your application.

  4. She actually didnt look whorish, weedish or drunk. Well, she looked like a nice looking black woman and not a down~n~out Oriental hooker. The sanging? Whoever she paid to be there, needs to have that money burn in their pockets.

  5. LOL, OMG, how did I come across this site? I love it! The comments are hilarious. I know this posting is so old but where have I been? How did I miss this? LMAO. And yes, I heard the dude say, "she sound good"…lol.

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