Extreme Obama: The World’s Least Appealing Obama Dolls

Granny tried. She really did!

From The Nashua Telegraph:

Marian Fluet, 94, has been sewing for decades.

But the presidential inauguration inspired a unique project for Fluet: lifelike Barack and Michelle Obama dolls.

Day by day, from February to June, Fluet has crafted the president and first lady. With artificial fur hair and ears stitched to scale, Barack stands at 32 inches. Michelle, at his side, measures at 28 inches and sports a black wig.

28 thoughts on “Extreme Obama: The World’s Least Appealing Obama Dolls

  1. Not to state the obvious, but she’s an almost 100 year old White woman; those dolls could look a helluva lot worse.

  2. i feel like i shouldn’t laugh at this but as soon as i saw that picture, it was over. i’ll be the 4th to say bless her heart. and she looks so proud…

  3. Damn, how can you be hard on her? she’s almost 100, White, lives in NEW HAMPSHIRE, where there are 3 Black people…come on! They’re cute as a button, and you know it. Bless her heart.

  4. There are never enough ways for white ladies to emasculate brothers publicly. We are either a hustler, a buck or a coon. But, when a black man like Obama comes out, it does not fall in a category. People make dolls of Bush or Clinton, just the cute widdle black one.Obviously, this woman’s 99 year old brain needed something she was comfortable with to accept a black first family. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Granny.

  5. HAHAHA I gotta roll with "bless her heart".considering her age, it’s a GD miracle they aren’t bug-eyed, coal colored with vermillion lips and filled with flour.

  6. Awww, come on guys! As someone else said, these dolls could have looked a lot worse. . . a LOT worse. I’ll be the umpteenth person to say bless her little heart.

  7. I think she’s a cute lil ole lady and it seems heart was in the right place. She looks so proud of her work. :o)

  8. @ Christina S.No, WTF is still the initial reactionBless her precious heart is the response

  9. interesting enough, those dolls similiar looking features to the granny that sewed them…

  10. God Bless Her.I’d rather see this than the idiots whining about the President’s birth certificate.

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