This Thing Is Like That Thing: Flo Rida Is The New MC Hammer

While lurking on YouTube, I saw this picture of rapper Flo Rida advertising some song of his and the new film “G-Force,” which, for the uninitiated, is a kids film starring hamsters who are spies and occasionally rip loose farts in their plastic hamster balls. Charming. But when I saw it I immediately thought of this …

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Yes. MC Hammer’s “Addams Family Groove.” Better than Vanilla Ice’s “Ninja Rap” for the film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” but still just as shitty, “Addams Family Groove” is your happy four minute commercial for the then popular Addams Family film which starred Raoul Julia, Angelica Houston and a young, creepy looking Christina Ricci. (Now she’s just older and creepy looking.) After this video (and after a slew Pepsi/Doritos/KFC/Taco Bell endorsements) Hammer was accused of being a … ahem … “sell-out” and whatever rap legitimacy he had with other black hip hop aficionados began to wane.

Could G-Force spell a similar end to the man who once rapped “she got dem Apple Bottom jeans, boots wit da furs?” One can only dream since rappers don’t “sell-out” anymore. They cash in! Hell, 50 Cent OWNS part of Vitamin Water! The game has changed.

11 thoughts on “This Thing Is Like That Thing: Flo Rida Is The New MC Hammer

  1. Oh, loves the lyrics of Addams Family Grove. . ."I remember the day I needed to borrow a little bit of pepper for my chicken". <_<

  2. i think you said it right "CASH IN!" Flo-rida is one of the top 20 earners in Hip Hop today and most black people don’t even pay him any attention. so, if Jerry Bruck is going to pay him for something he was ALREADY doing, i’m all for it.

  3. i’m emailing this to the SO as proof of why I don’t listen to rap music anymore.Also, I loved Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams. She was made for a role like that.

  4. The day I heard "Miley Cyrus. Call me in three years!" at the end of the new single from Drake and Lil Wayne, I gave up on all hip hop not affiliated with Kanye or Jay-Z (GOOD older songs are grandfathered in from all other artists). Honestly, I stopped liking Florida after the second single "My Lips Like Suga" or whatever. The first song "Right Round" had me suspect, but when that other song came out I was like "Britney Spears can sing this!" And then I realized he wasn’t rapping but making pop music. When you’re a rapper you should make a rap song. If it becomes pop, great for you. If not, at least it’s still a rap song. Somewhere last year we lost our way. Blame the vocoder and Soulja Boy.

  5. ok, I miss MC Hammer and all the rap videos where there was actually choreography and dancing with clothes on.*sigh*All Ihave left is Janet Jackson, Missy Elliiott and Beyonce as soon as she stops dancing in just leotards and puts clothes back on.

  6. Ok, I gots to defend my boy, Soulja. He is not trying to be the head of the rap game. He is making dance club songs period. Rap dies out years ago not because of Soulja.

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