It’s Pat! And He Can’t Stand Him Some Sotomayor!

Hey everyone! It’s everybody’s favorite bigot (OK … my favorite bigot) Patrick J. Buchanan! And he’s arguing with The Maddow about why-oh-why white males need to be protected! You know? Because they built this country and they earned it! Poo to those brown folks and women who got stepped on. And Hispanics don’t have it that bad anyway and … and … oh, just WATCH this monstrosity. You’ll get the point.

For once I have to say the words, Thank God I Watched Hardball before I saw this because despite Chris Matthews’ leanings towards Pat on the particular issue of the “reverse discrimination” firefighter case, they actually had on the president of the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund who … *gasp* … bothered to use logic and facts to explain why the test scores were thrown out in the first place and why the city feared being sued.

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For those too lazy to watch the video to go through a double-dose of Pat, the attorney kindly explains repeatedly that the test was new and people who’d done well in the department in the past (namely many blacks and Latinos who were already in management positions) didn’t do well on the NEW test. This concerned the city because if people you know who are good at their jobs didn’t do well on a new test perhaps it’s the test. Hence they threw the results out and all kinds of hell broke loose anyway. It seems this fire department already had a good history of promoting minorities.

This would be like a school district deciding to try out a new testing system and is shocked when more than half of their top students, who also happen to be black, fail it. Was it the students or was it the new test? You know your students are good. You deal with them on a daily basis. They test was new so … duh, you blame the test. This is what happened in the “reverse discrimination” case, according to the president. They knew the folks who didn’t do well were competent and got concerned that they could get sued for this flawed test. Thanks for the explanation NAACP guy. Too bad Pat and Chris honestly didn’t listen to you.

Back to Uncle Pat tho.

Oh, Uncle Pat. What did Sotomayor ever do to you? Is this because she’s both Puerto Rican AND a woman AND she’s smarter than you? Is this because the only way in your skewed view to prove that something is not racist is to appoint a white guy to it? And why is it assumed that Sotomayor can’t look beyond her race, but magically white men can? I thought EVERYONE was colored by their experiences? But you know what I really love about Pat? Arguing with that man is like arguing with a stop sign and he stopped caring what anyone, including myself, thought years ago. He is one of the few who will actually straight up say someone’s got to defend the white man with a straight face. He says this as the majority of people in Congress, a majority of Supreme Court Judges, a majority of corporation CEOs, governors, state representatives, police officers, military generals and major power brokers are STILL white men. How can you be oppressed when you still run everything? Yeah, the president is half Kenyan. That’s nice. You still have THE WORLD. What more do you need, Pat?

But this is about the average white guy, right? The poor, working class schlub who has to compete with minorities for jobs. You’re sticking up for the little guy. The little guy that is still in the majority and still holds the majority of those blue collar jobs. But I know, Pat. If one white man is inconvenienced that is one white man too far. Oh why won’t us ladies and the minorities get back in the kitchen where we belong? After all, as you pointed out, white men built this country (with slave labor and spousal support) and fought for this country (back when they wouldn’t allow blacks and women to fight for the country), so they should get first dibs. It just makes sense to you. And that’s why you’re my favorite. My favorite bigot. Tell your equally hateful sister Bay I said, “Hi!”

Shine on, you crazy bigoted diamond!

11 thoughts on “It’s Pat! And He Can’t Stand Him Some Sotomayor!

  1. That was an almost Chris Rock-esque rant at the end. I completely expected you to say that the white guy should get the big piece of chicken.

  2. I like the sly Pink Floyd reference at the end, one of my fav songs. You rock Snob. As for Pat, I gave up on his sorry wrinkled ass a good ten years ago, when I realized taht foolishness on the major networks every Sunday morning is of limited substance, and did not honestly represent much of anything, let alone news., plus I was tired of hearing all those old ugly white folks, and Clarence Page trying to yell over each other. I don’t understand why he doesn’t retire. He and Bey are batshit crazy. I hate to think of what their parents were like. Shudder.

  3. I already had the WTF look on my face as I watched him last night but I broke out into laughter when he said 108 or 110 justices have been White males because they built the country and did all the work and died in the wars (right up til a certain point and he stopped mind you). As if SCOTUS is a "Thank you for your service" plaque. That sure doesn’t sound like meritocracy to me Pat. And Yale Law Review because of affirmative action? Never mind that law schools use blind IDs to decide such things.I wrote a comment on JJP that I’d like to re-post here about education:I have his book (Peter Schmidt’s "Color and Money: How Rich White Kids Are Winning the War Over College Affirmative Action") and my own personal anecdote. As a student, I freely admit my test scores weren’t glowing. However, I was the student in the tutoring center those kids from the best schools in the country went to for help. I watched their faces drain of color when I asked them simple questions about the 8-page paper they wrote. I sat in amazement while one, a college senior, thought each point in his paper had to be in a single paragraph even if the paragraph was two pages long.I’m also the one they went to when they needed tutoring in Japanese language. Me, the poor little ghetto Black girl. I saw how ill-prepared many of them were yet still made their way into the best colleges so Pat Buchanan is full of hateful garbage.It was amazing to hear Buchanan speak of how basically schools give away grades but somehow White children aren’t the beneficiaries of such a system. That their standardized testing scores on multiple choice questions should be the decisive factor and not the critical analysis skills that so many of them lack.Fact is, there are more White students who aren’t capable in higher education than Blacks. We don’t get the chance at the same rate as they do to fail or succeed. But they won’t admit that. Buchanan wants to only compare those minorities who fall short to the true best of the best while leaving out (simply not claiming) the under performing, failing Whites.Whites who need a bad guy for why they didn’t get into their dream college always look at minorities. Why’? Because they automatically assume/ believe/ accept that the other White students belong there. It was your Black butt who took THEIR spot. As if they were entitled to it in the first place.

  4. Pat Buchanan really would prefer to see Black folks in rags, eating scraps and picking cotton and tobacco, Asians slaving away on the raliroads, Hispanics cutting sugar cane, and all the Irish locked up in patty wagons. He is so rare that I think that it is an act. No one in this day and time could possibly be bold enough to hold fast to those beliefs after they have been repeatedly proven wrong — at least that is what I thought until I experienced how some folks believe that my intellect was somehow faked and that any real contribution to projects should be done by others who eventually had to ask me for assistance. Minorities in this country will always be the scape goats for the short comings of the majority. Somehow, some way, our intellect and ability to perform is faked and we naturally should defer to those who are more deserving.

  5. When he starts talking about ongoing discrimination about the Irish I can almost, sort of see how he became who he is. I bet his dad came home and told him about being picked on, or something, at exactly the wrong moment for Pat’s forming brain. He’s never been able to let it go, and it’s twisted him into this crazy joke of a human being.

  6. ..Pats the Colmes of MSNBC doing what hes paid for…the token house consevative…..PATS JOB IS TO MIX IT UP AND CREATE TURMOIL…IT WORKED ON U….

  7. He’s said things a million times more racist (his aversion to the "browning" of America, anyone?). I may occasionally be offended by him, but I’m never surprised.

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