“I’m Gonna Miss You, MSNBC!” (Guest Post)

Sometimes enough is enough, especially when it comes to Pat Buchanan

By BabylonSista

Because as long as Pat Buchanan is allowed to shout his bitter old white man bullshit on this network, I will not watch. I am done with MSNBC. Enjoy this video–or, you know, not–because I’m not posting anything else from this network until Pat Buchanan is handed his hood and robe and shown the door.

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Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, Uncle Pat was allowed to declare that white men were soley responsible for the architecture of this country:

“White men were 100% of the people that wrote the Constitution, 100% of the people that signed the Declaration of Independence, 100% of the people who died at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, probably close to 100% of the people who died at Normandy. This has been a country built basically by white folks, who were 90% of the nation in 1960 when I was growing up and the other 10% were African-Americans who had been discriminated against. That’s why.”

This is a country basically built by white folks. But for some reason, Buchanan forgot to mention that this country was also built by the Africans those white folks shipped over to do the heavy lifting. And by the Natives that whites did their best to wipe from the land. And by the Asians who built the railroads, and by the hispanics who, now as in our country’s history, tended our fields. But it is the white man who orchestrated the great symphony of America–the white man who fought America’s wars and brought home victory.

White men have created life as we know it, and for that, we should be grateful. So, that ten percent of black folks who were brutally oppressed when Pat was growing up–they don’t amount to much. In fact, any contribution any person of color has made to the creation and progress of America has been rendered irrelevant by the sheer majesty of white men.

Watching this exchange–and I couldn’t watch it all, I was so furious–has led me to conclude that MSNBC is completely comfortable with giving a rabid racist a platform on which to spew his ancient racist rhetoric. I mean, dude compared Sotomayor with a fucking all-black track team. Because, you know, physical agility, like intellectual excellence, are encoded into the DNA of various races. Black men run fast; Latinas make spicy food and trouble; white men have superior brain power. God made it that way.

This breakup is going to hurt, because I really do love MSNBC (Morning Joe aside). I’ll miss Tamron Hall and my newest nerd crush, David Shuster. I’ll miss Keith Olbermann’s big head and his righteous, Rush-like bluster. And Rachel, my sweet, secret, sapphic sweetheart–I will miss her most of all. I know Rachel was trying to expose Buchanan for the biogted throwback that he is, but her tendency toward civilized discourse gave Buchanan the advantage. He was given permission–again–to attack Sonia Sotomayor for the crime of being a Latina woman. Pat Buchanan was given permission, by a major network, to legitimize and justify institutional racism. And that’s really pissing me off. If I wanted to hear this kind of poisoned rhetoric, I’d watch Fox News or visit some of my distant in-laws. I don’t need it from a network I considered to be above such nonsense.

So, goodbye, MSNBC. I know you’ll find other viewers to keep you warm at night–but I’ve gotta move on.


BabylonSista uses her blog, Confessions of a Cybernegress, as a way to distract her from the master’s thesis she’s been avoiding for the past year. She is a freelance writer and editor, a political junkie, and a serious music snob.

30 thoughts on ““I’m Gonna Miss You, MSNBC!” (Guest Post)

  1. The precise reason I stopped watching Morning Joe. MSNBC are trying to capture some of O’ Reilly’s audience. It is danaging their brand as a whole, IMHO. I must stick with NPR. It’s not as exciting but the BS factor is nil to none.

  2. that was indeed an appalling diatribe – entertainment value or no. i hope and pray that maddow won’t have him on again.

  3. You know, I feel out with Pat when I first heard he stated that blacks need to be thankful for slavery…otherwise–you know–we’d be in a jungle somewhere with no clothes on, eating babies and spearing one another. He is willfully ignorant of the history of the continent, the contributions of black americans, and the changing tide facing America right now. He doesn’t need a hood and robe, this is the klan 2.0; the new klan is allowed to infiltrate millions of homes with their doctrines of reverse discrimination, moral majority bullish, Obama is a muslim, communist, socialist, (not AMERICAN!)……and this is prime time television. Entertainment disguised as journalism to reach the absolute bottom of the barrel type of audience, inspiring the worst in people. Pat has simply risen to the upper echelons of this blatant baffonery. I don’t wish death on people. But he seriously needs to SIT DOWN and wait on it to come. He is too antiquated for progress or civil discourse.

  4. I agree as well, I may have to give MSNBC 50 feet. I watched last night as he spewed his usual racial filth and I just couldn’t believe it. I read an article on some other blog or site and they asked "What does Pat have to do to get fired?" Well I guess insulting every race besides his own is not one of the things. I, like the author is going to miss Tamron and Carlos (Morning Joe-not so much), but I need to find another source to get my daily info. Sadly, I can only listen to NPR on the radio…..

  5. Cosign BablyonSis-I turned on Maddox to see what was up & got hit with this racist prick’s rant.I don’t think she handled that situation well. Not sure if she was stunned or what.I was amazed that he could say all of that smack with a straight face. At times, he looked like he was having too much fun with it all.except from where I am sitting, where my parents & my grandparents & greatgrandparents sit,that isn’t funny.

  6. Danielle,How do guest posts work? Is there any way that I could write up a guest post? It seems like you allow your readers to write them from time to time.

  7. Racist and cable news? Shocking! Seriously you should just watch Democracy Now

  8. Most of MSNBC’s audience could probably use a reminder that people still think those things, still say them, and still get listened to. (Which doesn’t mean you have to watch it, of course.) And at least, unlike Fox’s audience, they’ll care.

  9. It’s as if MSNBC is deliberately trying to piss me off. Every time I go to watch one of my favorite shows I have to turn it off because of Pat “what about the white guy” Buchanan or Ron “RNC talking points” Christie.

  10. Well, I can relate. I basically stopped watching Fox years ago and now I’m putting Morning Joe on the blacklist as well. Pat is getting more and more intolerable, so perhaps I’ll throw him under the bus too.

  11. What Pat said is exactly what is still wrong in this country. You have a large sector of the population that thinks that if it is not white (white men, to be specific), it is deficient. I could not believe that Pat could think these things and say them outloud in the America of 2009. Good thing! his days are numbered. How about Congressman Todd Tehart that came out today about abortion of black babies. True! he only mentioned the possibility of aborting the President and Clarence Thomas but we know what he meant: women living below the poverty level having access to free abortion. In other words, black women and white women having babies with black men would have a field day if abortion was made free to them. Racism has a new cover now, it’s called free speech. I get sick to my stomach listening to all that hatred. Those people are so hateful that they don’t see what they are doing to non-white Americans while they’re spewing out all that ugly nonsense.

  12. "Those people are so hateful that they don’t see what they are doing to non-white Americans while they’re spewing out all that ugly nonsense."- MissymeYes, they do. That’s the point of the exercise.

  13. I’d be glad to. A petition is a good start, but you may also want to look into getting a boycott going. A boycott is the only reason we don’t have to sit on the back of the bus. I can’t afford cable at this point, so I can’t make a list of their advertisers, but I –like most — can afford the necessities of living, and I’m sure the companies that sell these necessities advertise on MSNBC. If you can get a list of their advertisers/race-baiting-supporters and threaten their pocket book with a Black/anti-racist boycott of their products and services MSNBC will have no choice but to remove this racist prick from their network. Always remember, the color White folks love most is GREEN.

  14. I don’t know… Doesn’t anyone else think that Pat Buchanan maybe just getting paid to play a role for MSNBC? Kind of like a pro-wrestling heel (or bad guy), on these pundit shows I think Uncle Pat’s role is to be the dissenting voice of the other side, no matter how ignorant or stupid his comment may be. I don’t think he even believes half of the crap that comes out of his mouth, MSNBC pays him to get a rise out of people and flame the debate. Out of the many times I’ve watched this network, I’ve seen him break character on one or two occasions. If I remember correctly, he did it during the DNC coverage last year directly after Obama’s address to the convention. Pat gushed all of the his speech and was all excited to a point where Chris Matthews had to cut him off to cut to someone else’s view and a commercial (he later returned to grumpy old man -self after the commercial break).I’m not attempting to downplay what he was quoted saying, his comments on The Rachel Maddow Show were the most idiotic and racist things I’ve ever heard on MSNBC and I think an apology may be in order. I just happen to doubt his sincerity to those thoughts. This reminds me of that episode of The Boondocks where they show Ann Coulter as saying the stuff she says to sell books while living the opposite in her personal life.

  15. By not watching MSNBC you are not asserting a form of power they will understand or appreciate. They don’t care if you stop watching and your pompous attempt to reassure yourself that you are a noble fighter is all vanity for yourselves at this point. The evidence is clear that even if we propose a commercial boycott it is fleeting. Only advertisers care and they are catching on that since we are now lagging behind Hispanics in technology now with all the other circumstantial increments of regression we are showing in numbers in real-time, they are not having to really worry about us as much anymore in mainstream media. Our power is cosmetic and circumstantial. Blacks have shown a propensity to herd in response to dramatic insults of vivid, overt racism but after the concession is applied, we disburse and go about our own singular businesses to compete against one another and convey singularity instead of collectivism. The activism proves only to be a reactionary and we should know that our political and social capital was only dramatic theatre to produce theatrical outcomes to aid in our pathology of playing the game, "See There". We like to see ourselves play the "See There" game. It makes us think we doing something and we like to see others apologize to us but what more, we like to see media show other Whites see Whites apologize to us. We like the shaming. We like seeing equal embarassment dispensed through social and political theatrical. The problem with it is that it ends. It dies down and power is never transferred. We think power is transferred because we feel the instant "redemption" of the real-time theatre absolving us but no power is ever transferred that really makes structural changes we can benefit from and build upon.See There has become our de facto rationale in understanding the only solutions to dismantling racism when the "See There" approach is the same approach Sharpton and Jackson applies. Dr. King did not play the See There cards. He was far more complex and his strategies with his colleagues required long-term cohesive interactivity. They had a level of trust we don’t have or even understand in intimacy as a norm these days among our own since we have been programmed by family and society to mistrust one another. So the furthest we can planned is to plan strategies so limited that don’t require as much invest and trust that the members of the Civil Rights Movement had to offer freely to be pliable tools of action in building their sustainable strategies at that time. And we know how we cringe that Sharpton and Jackson only know that model to facilitate to gain results. But we fail to realize we are not that far and different from them. It’s that our complaints stratify to illiuminate their limitations but by reading the comments here, I see the same limitations in social mechanics as Sharpton and Jackson and the likes. That one model that the usual suspects choose is so similar to what has been suggested above. They are tired and vain. They only produce outcomes to punish Whites instead of teach them. The cameras sensationalize the insult and hurt but that is all the audience learns about. It learns that Sharpton and Jackson will embarrass you but it does not show if and when they do try to create residual teaching measures afterwards. So instead the public learns that Blacks have only one card and it is reactionary to cry and whine and we learn that too in only having the limited dimension to flex and exercise one model. The opposition and those nuetral that advance in communications strategies and advocacy strategies learn that we are not that "smart". They learn that our developmental tract of reason and cognition stopped developing at the models practiced after the Civil Rights Movement. Even the strategies utilized during the Civil Rights Movement prove to be too complex for us because it requires we really be more cohesive all the time instead of only bonding when we can wait for a public figure to insult us or for an organized group to show racist tendencies and exhibit themselves. For this call for a boycott to work and mean something, it matters that we develop–not Pat. The reason racists are equipped with power is because they are uniform and they don’t compete against each other in their everyday lives. Their interest is to see the group superior. Blacks…we say we want to see ourselves advance but from experience I have learned that we say that when we really are displacing the pronouns to not sound so selfishly in the first-person. We have no idea what racists "get" in understanding that the group must advance together because they don’t show us or break it down in a dumbed-down manner of efficiency for us to understand. But thinking that by silencing Pat we are doing something, we are vain and supercilious. Nothing happens but dramatic effect. We pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves we are heroes when we are doing nothing but the tired, old models of inefficiency that Sharpton and Jackson never elevated from.And as much as Sharptona and Jackson look duplicitious because they are, they really are simply stuck even when exhibiting their most altruistic sides of themselves. They are not that sophisticated. They refused to grow and adopt new learning strategies and I think it is because the new strategies would decentralize their authority as the "race firemen" they made their brands out of by model.So hear…listening to another batch of "I’ma do dis and I’m do dat", I can’t even applaud these comments here. It’s as much as sincere as much as the sincere is blind egotistical rally. We have it learned how to REACT but we have not the structure to really help ourselves. Pat is not the problem. Racists are not the problem. Our ignorance…our blind ignorance is the problem. Our inabilities to trust our own and let go our competiting keeps us stuck in inertia. As these incidents contine to rear it’s heads, we think things are getting worse. It actually is not getting worse. Our inability to advance to create structure to save and strengthen ourselves gets worse. Pat is a sympton of our lack of organization and we have to learn that the organization we seek in seeing the theatrical by-products of cohesiveness is just dramatic social theatre with no core structure that sustains or grows to build us out (building blocks) for sustainable growth as a centralized group. And the usual suspects…the Black male Leader types…they don’t have the language, social history, or experience or desire to take on a title-less and unrewarding (no fanfare) job. We keep looking for our "Leaders" to produce magic when it really is blood, sweat, and tears intelligence and sweat labor that we need to learn how to build trust to take on trying to advance in social evolutions. They don’t even speak the language to understand this to replicate teaching it to us in modeling. We need strategies to strengthen us–not to silence Pat. Silencing racists is not power transferral. We have work to do that requires a lot of giving up of our tangible selves and tangible self-protections against losing ourselves to other Blacks in trust. Pat is not the issue. That is why we get it twisted when we see these incidents. The quiet…the silence fools us that progress has been initiated when all that happened was that the volume of hate was turned down to appease our weak and egotistical spirits that can’t handle being taunted by those more organized to rattle, taunt, and shame us. We are too damn soft and weak spirited and in actuality..

  16. You’ve got to be kidding BooBooKitty…Can you save your dissertation for your own blog?Thanks much in advance.

  17. BooBoo Kitty:Can all u do is point out the problem with "us"? Wgat are the solutions? Keep it simple and precise. No one one wants to read all of that nonsense.

  18. BooBooKitty is PARTLY correct — we do need to get far more organized against these racists and include other minorities in the fight (White supremacists despise them too), but it’s dangerous and against our present and long-term interests to let scum like Pat Buchanan spread their hate to the many weak minded Whites looking for someone else to blame for their problems and feelings of inadequacy. We are greatly outnumbered! Never forget that.

  19. Pat Buchanan actually was not comparing Sotomayor to an all black track team, as the author of this post stated. Buchanan brought up an all black track team and an all white hockey team as examples of situations where people should not assume racism every time a particular race or ethnicity appears to be excluded from something. I’m not here to defend his point, but just to bring clarity, as I believe the author unintentionally expressed some of Buchanan’s phrases out of context. Which brings me to this point. I’m a black woman and just want to say that I’m really bothered by all of this. This isn’t my blog, and I don’t want to go on some ridiculously long rant that no one would ever have time to read, but I have a real problem with the way we as Blacks still react to things overall. We get SO angry a lot of times that I think we just stop thinking and listening altogether a lot of times, and just start reacting. My intelligent, highly educated Black friends get just as worked up and irate over Pat Buchanan’s rant as they do when ANYONE says anything remotely negative about President Obama. It’s as if we forget that this is America and that other people are allowed to have opinions. YES, we are allowed to be disgusted by these opinions and express our disgust, but boycotting a network and forming petitions wanting someone off of the air because we don’t like their opinion? This is America everyone. That is the same reason that you are allowed to make disparaging remarks about Sarah Palin, G W Bush, or whoever you feel deserves it in front of a microphone and television camera without any recourse. I don’t see my intelligent Black friends the same way I see my extreme, right-wing, conservative acquaintances, many of whom aren’t as intelligent or educated. They get just as angry about certain things and form their groups in the basements of county libraries or one another’s homes, and just spew the same opinions that their parents have/had. This is only my opinion, but I don’t think they happen to have enough intelligence to think things through and actually listen to someone’s else’s point of view without losing their sh*&. I guess I just expected more from the educated Blacks I have as friends. Most people are usually pretty predictable. We’ve known for a long time what Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Rev. Jerry Falwell, and the like think (or thought in Falwell’s case) about certain topics. Why are we still reacting this way when we already know that there are millions of people who feel this way? There are also millions of people who do NOT feel this way. Are we now in the business of silencing people we don’t agree with? If so, we better be VERY careful. Many of us will not be prepared for that pendulum to swing in the other direction eventually.

  20. @Mrs. Gill: While 85% of me agrees with you, the other 15% fears the consequences of Black apathy. BTW, thanks for clearing up some of the statements made by Pat Buchanan. I hate when ANYONE is misquoted, especially me.

  21. There is a difference between disagreeing with someone and silencing someone and there is a difference between discouraging someone from using mainstream media outlets to spew nasty vile racist lies without check. Huge difference. Also, I think that most black folks have an issue, not so much with people critiquing Obama as opposed to how it is done, the intent, and the substance behind it. People saying he is a socialist, without giving any factual information or demonstrating a true understanding what socialism really entails, isn’t going to pass. Neither does a, oh he hasn’t done anything, he should do this, that the other right away stuff doesn’t pass muster either. 6 months is not long enough time to push through an entire presidential agenda. He cannot undue 8 years of Bush in 6 months. Now detailed criticism, say along the lines of what is regularly shown on Bill Moyers, or on Jeremey Scahill’s Rebel Reports website, that show substance about programs that Obama is pursuing (such as bombing Pakistan, ramping up the Afghan war, continuting to bail out big companies with limited assistance for regular people) with numbers and substance to back it up. But for crying out loud, criticizing the man, ala Fox news for not throwing a baseball right, taking his wife on a date, taking his kids (who are still minors) along on trips (which Bush Jr and Sr both did with children who were over the age of majority) and crap like that I call bullshit. Substance, fine, name calling and nit picking, is bullshit and that is what I, and many other black folks object to.

  22. Move on to What?? I would like to find something to watch on tv… but it is all such Bull.

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