Likes and Dislikes: Meghan McCain and Nancy Pelosi

Nancy or Meghan? Meghan or Nancy? One is old. One is young. One has power. One has media dah-ling printed on her forehead. One is a brand name. One is a self-made woman. One I like. One pisses me off to no end. Guess which is which after the jump.

Much like my fandom of center-right pundit and fellow naturally curly girl Amy Holmes and how said fandom knows no logic since I don’t agree with her on pretty much anything, I find myself liking Meghan McCain despite myself. I initially had no opinion on the young woman, but as time progressed her blind blonde ambition to revamp the Republican Party won me over. After all, she was at least giving it the old college try by being daring and interesting in a field where everyone is playing it loud, conservative and safe. Plus, she’s a nice counter-balance to my blind Sarah Palin rage, as at least the junior McCain’s sentences tend to make sense and are completed with periods and everything.

Basically, she’s not an idiot. People would like to spin her as some form of numbnuts fembot, but isn’t that really Ann Coulter Clone territory? You can’t damn a girl for being yet another Republican Blonde, but she’s no Kelly Ann “Whatever Her Last Name Is Now” nee Fitzpatrick. She’s actually, dare I say it, not boring or shrill.

Sure, she called herself a “pro-sex” Republican (there are anti-sex ones? Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. John Ensign BEG to differ), but to go with her anti-tax-n-spend stance she’s amazingly pro-gay. Or at least, not completely terrified of the gays, which is the impression I sometimes get from certain folks on the right (Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann, I’m looking at you.)

She also hates Ann Coulter and called Joe the Plumber a “dumbass.” These are automatic atta-girls in my book. Anyone who sees these folks for the cancers they are cannot be all bad. Clearly, that chickie is operating with a brain, a brain I don’t always agree with, but a brain I can at least respect in the morning.

Someone who is the opposite though, who started out in my esteem and ended up on my shit list, is Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. I honestly wanted to like Pelosi. I really, really did. And I have tried to stomach her (and senate leader Harry Reid), but dagnabit, I can’t stand her at all. Maybe it’s because whenever she opens her mouth she inserts her high heeled foot. Maybe it’s because she’s more of a blunder than interesting. Maybe its because of how sloppily she handles controversies when they arrive, like the whole “CIA lied to me” deal.

This wasn’t really the earth-shattering revelation she and the media helped create. The CIA lies to congress ALL THE TIME. They’ve lied to Democratic congresses. They’ve lied to Republicans. It’s really pretty commonplace. But she flamed the fire with the slipshod way she handled it, providing the perfect opening for the opposition who wanted to derail her.

And Pelosi is pretty damn easy to derail.

I used to get frightened whenever Vice President Mad Dog Joe Biden gave an interview, but now it’s Pelosi who routinely scares the crap out of me when she studders and blinks her way through things.

Now Meghan and Nancy are not a fair comparison. One is a relatively harmless, Republican Princess power-player wannabe and the other is third in line of succession for the presidency. (Dear Lord … why did I REMIND myself of that???) Obviously they have different pressures and different responsibilities. As in, McCain has no responsibilities and no real power. She’s an aspiring heavy-hitter following in Daddy’s footsteps. Pelosi, on the other hand, has earned her stripes as a politician and is pissing me off because I had high expectations for her that she, alas, has not met. Perhaps if Pelosi were just a powerless, but quirky grandma I’d love her like I’ve come to like the quirky, but powerless McCain. But as long as Pelosi is the woman running point on getting the health care bill through the House, I’ll be going “DAMMIT NANCY!” at the TV until she gets it right.

Meghan, I will continue to follow your ridiculous comments on Twitter about how being a Republican is “sexy.” Maybe on you, hon. But at least she’s trying, folks. The girl is trying. I vote that she replace Michael Steele at the RNC. I don’t know what she knows about recruiting “diverse communities,” but homegirl from Arizona CAN’T do any worse.

9 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes: Meghan McCain and Nancy Pelosi

  1. Sorry, but I have to differ with your assertion that Pelosi has "earned her stripes". Her family is as political as the Kennedy’s are and her husband has family in CA politics as well.

  2. Thanks for this! This is exactly how I feel on these two – I was initially ready to hate Meghan McCain but she has won me over.

  3. Ok I’ll try to give Meghan another shot…She did not look so good on Bill Mahr. Could not keep up with the panel. Blamed it on being "just a dump blonde". For now maybe she should just continue to blog. As for Mrs. Pelosi…old BMore political family, nuff said.

  4. I saw her on Bill Maher one night. Not my type of thing, but if it floats your boat, so be it.

  5. peaches – keep true to your first thoughts on Meghan – they’re based on her actions interacting directly with people in real life – much more reliable in revealing one’s nature than how you make yourself look on your blog. Meghan couldn’t handle opposing view points, kept using the fact that she "wasn’t born yet" as an excuse for her ignorance or lack of argument, and basically pouted when things weren’t going her way and complained about being picked on – she had an opportunity to show herself as a positive, productive, intelligent, and witty speaker of her generation – alas, she merely came off as a whining, witless, over-reacting, and spoiled crybaby who thinks throwing around a couple of "hip" cultural terms to prove she’s cool and young will lend her some sort of credibility among the grown-up crowd…Giving her credit for realizing simple truths in life like hating Ann Coulter or calling Joe the Plumber a dumbass is like people who boast about taking care of their kids – in the immortal words of Chris Rock – You don’t get credit for doing something you’re supposed to do…

  6. Living in San Fran, I was able to vote against Pelosi. Not that I felt especially great about it; there was no one else on the ballot really worth voting for, and I knew she would win re-election with or without my help. It still felt very good to have my dislike of her down for the record.

  7. In a head to head election, I’d have to write in a candidate. Both tend to play to what they think will be best received which is always a formula for disaster.

  8. Right on. Meghan is workin’ it. She’s smart and poised and has a bright future. It’s also nice to see a confident intelligent young white woman who isn’t skin and bones. Damn, the way things are going she just might pick up a brotha and really turn her party on its head (joking but then again …)

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