Urkel + Muppet + Tired Racial Stereotype = Michael Steele

He’s got the fried chicken and potato salad, ya’ll! So “Ya’ll come” to the Republican Party already!

From Talking Points  Memo:

What … the … hell?

Uncle Mike, let’s talk.

I realize that you feel this strange need to overcompensate for your blackness because you’re a conservative and black conservatives usually catch some degree of hell from black people. I get that. Totally. And I think it’s wrong to question someone’s Negro-ness simply because their political views differ from yours. But DUDE, you have got to stop talking to me like I just walked out of the cotton patch. And even if I did just emerge from that field, doorag on head, I would still give you the sideye and say “Harpo, who dis man?”

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What are you doing, sir? You do realize that other minority politicians manage to get minority votes without talking about damned fried chicken. I mean, yeah, fried chicken is delicious. People, white and black, love fried chicken. But I know you have to be cognizant of the stereotype of black people being obsessed with fried chicken to the point of “Poeyes Ran Out of Chicken, Someone Must Die” freak-out insanity. You don’t have to feed the beast, sir. We do that well enough on our own.

It’s also pretty patronizing. You think the only way to get the attention of “diverse populations” is food? Is the way to the black vote through our stomachs? We’re not complete morons, sir. We actually listen to our politicians and make decisions on how to vote based on how our politicians stand on issues we care about. Maybe if you would talk more about issues and less about chicken you could get somewhere.

What’s most sad about you Uncle Mike is that I actually have more respect for just about every black Republican, from Clarence Thomas to Larry Elder who is not you because at least they seem petrified of even coming off like your particular brand of idiot. Run away they do from anything stereotypical. They try to appeal to my logic. Even when I don’t agree with them, they continue with their spiel, unabatted, undeterred and determined to convince me that they, in fact, know the solution to black America’s problems and that they don’t come Democrat-flavored. What I’m saying is, they seem to give two shits about how they come across no matter what degree of reasonable person to asshat they are operating from, but you sir, you seem to have no shame which makes you both sad and dangerous as you nod and endorse such foolishness as if it were the norm.

For your own sake, man up or shut up. If a white politician, regardless of party, had said what you just did, we would have out the pitchforks and torches. Rev. Al Shaprton would have the lighter at ready to set your hair on fire. Get it together, man! You’re making me feel sorry for you.

12 thoughts on “Urkel + Muppet + Tired Racial Stereotype = Michael Steele

  1. And what is it with him referring to black people as "they".Also, stop giving this guy coverage.

  2. Steele is very likeable as a person. It’s too bad he panders for the conservative vote.

  3. Chicken and potato salad huh?The current condition of the Republican Party proves blindingly true a belief all African American’s hold in a corner of our hearts: racism, much like cancer will destroy its hosts.That said, I’m all for Michael Steele chucking and jiving his way across the country, because his presence validates yet another heart-felt axiom: ain’t nothing worse to see than a self hating black person.To paraphrase Jesse Jackson’s Presidential campaign slogan, I look at Steele and shout " Keep Dope Alive!"

  4. I’m telling y’all, Michael Steele is a performance artist. I’m not convinced he’s actually black either [see Robert Downey, Jr’s character in Tropic Thunder]. Either that or he’s a complete moron.

  5. I’m going to need a whole lot more than "Republicans thought slavery was bad first". Is that the best they can do? I’m way more concerned with the current lingering incarnation of the Dixiecrat/Southern Strategy Republicans than I am with the "Party of Lincoln".

  6. I’m sure Republicans, by and large, love this guy! Why? Because Republicans tend to be White, racist/insecure and he makes them feel better about themselves.

  7. I may be wrong but I get the impression that Steele, if he was inviting all his white, conservative colleagues over to his house for drinks would still say, "Y’all come. I got the fried chicken and potato salad!" and wouldn’t think twice about it. I’m just sayin’.

  8. apparently, everyone in here focused off the of the rest of his message and focused on the beginning. talk about majoring in minors.

  9. @ezparz…Mr. Steele is an Ivy League educated man and quite articulate. I live in Md where he was Lt Gov. He NEVER spoke in this manner, at least not in public, before becoming head of the RNC. This is clearly pandering as most of his dialog has been when addressing diversity within the Rep party. This is the same man who stated the problem the Reps have winning over minority groups is a marketing problem. What he doesn’t get is we understand the message and have rejected it. That is not to say the Dems have all the answers…..clearly they got issues too. Like taking our support for granted. However, unless & until the Reps understand that it’s their policies that are the problem they will continue to be a marginalized party: angry, southern, white & male….It doesn’t matter who’s face is out front.

  10. Steele is the quintessential step & fetch house boy. "We got us a good party, don’t we massa?" I’m just sayin…

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