So the Obama Speechwriter and Quincy Jones’ Daughter ARE A Couple?

Now I can sleep better knowing that Obama Speechwriter/Nerd Hot dude Jon Favreau and actress/sometimes incognegro Rashida Jones are knocking the boots. My world is complete now.

From Page Six’s “Sightings” column:

RASHIDA Jones, of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” with current beau Jon Favreau, President Obama‘s whiz kid speechwriter, in the lobby of Favreau’s swanky DC apartment building, the Charleston

12 thoughts on “So the Obama Speechwriter and Quincy Jones’ Daughter ARE A Couple?

  1. wait, is that the same kid who was doing some crazy poses with that Hillary Clinton paper cut-out at some party and it leeked out on the internetz? Or was that someone else?

  2. Yes, I believe he was copping a feel on the cardboard Hillary. But why do we care who he is dating?

  3. Are they sure it isn’t Jon Favreau, the actor, who she appeared with in I Love You, Man? It would be one hell of coincidence that she’s dating another guy with the same name.

  4. Antonio, I totally agree with you. I keep thinking about Jon Favreau the actor. We need to see an actual photograph of them together so we know which Favreau is with Rashida.

  5. I can only hope that Jon’s pedantic antics with the cardboard Hillary aren’t indicative of his attitude towards women in general.

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