Is CNN Manufacturing Hype For Black In America 2?

From Lamar Tyler at The Retort who attened a BIA2 screening only to be turned away after organizers allegedly overbooked a viewing in Washington, D.C. so they could promote it as a success:

After switching our entire family’s routine around in order to make the screening I was disappointed that this mistake could have been made, but was it really a mistake? While doing a little research on the situation I learned that the same thing happened in NY last week and that the fact that 150 were turned away in DC last night was celebrated as a success by a marketing exec associated with the event. Taking a quote from my man AverageBro, “What the hell is this, the screener for a documentary or a Kappa party?” Where I’m from when you turn away 150 people at the door to a nightclub that’s a success, but when it happens at a screening where everyone is on the guest list that’s a PR disaster. But wait, they did give away cups and magnets as a consolation prize. I guess in the end they got the story and manufactured hype that they wanted but at what expense when you’re trying to prove that your product isn’t more of the same?

Read the full story at The Retort.

5 thoughts on “Is CNN Manufacturing Hype For Black In America 2?

  1. B-B-But it’s about B-B-Black people and solutions and so many people want to see it and Soledad!!!

  2. I went to the Black In America 2 DC screening. I arrived at 6:45pm and I was told by several people at the door different reasons why we weren’t being let in, 1. There was a previous 5:30 screening and we had to wait until the viewers left the building. However, at 7:45pm when I asked why we weren’t being let in, the girl at the door said the venue already 100 people over capacity and no one else could go in, and the extra 100 who were downsatirs had to leave as well. The screening was a hot mess. No one from the screening came out and notified us. It was as though they were scared we would have caused a riot. When everyone was walking away and girl timidly started passing out CNN bags which contained a cup, magnent and the dvd of the show (I assume, I haven’t watched the dvd). Why I ask, did this disorganized event have to be for "Black in America."My people.

  3. "Why I ask, did this disorganized event have to be for "Black in America."- LolaHA! @ the irony.

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