Hot Topics: Israelis Free Cynthia McKinney and Serena Rocks Five Inch Heels to See the Prez

Hot Topics will burn you.

It was a special occasion. The kind when three inch heels WOULD NOT DO. Even if it was an occupational hazard, tennis champ Serena Williams was willing to risk breaking her neck for the sake of fashion … and looking nice for the president. Please let pictures surface of these wondrous shoes. Please, God.

The Israelis finally let Fmr. Rep. Cynthia McKinney go after she was on a humanitarian mission in Gaza.

The hottest topic for two weeks now has been Bill O’Reilly’s shock that black folks care about Michael Jackson, calling his two children “white.” I didn’t know biracial kids were white … unless he’s implying dem ain’t MJ’s kids? Discuss!

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10 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Israelis Free Cynthia McKinney and Serena Rocks Five Inch Heels to See the Prez

  1. Those are MJ’s kids in the sense that he was their "father" in the most important sense of the word. But they don’t have his DNA in their veins. And you know what – that’s okay.

  2. I am tall, 5’11, so one to two inches ,tends to be my max, 2.5 if I’m being flashy. I usally do kitten heels or flats and often I do thick wedgie heels with the 2 inches, I have maybe 2 pairs with skinny heels. If I tried to wear heels like that I would probably break my leg, neck, nose, shoot probably break all my bones. I am a klutz. Shoot I sprained an ankle once tripping over flat shoes in the middle of the floor. If I got to meet the O-man I would need to be in flat shoes and have someone holding my elbow to keep me from fainting. Got to give it up to Ms. Serena.

  3. This argument is insanely disrespectful on so many levels. To hear someone question the paternity of a man who has been the only father known to his children their whole lives. MJ was there for their births, cut the cord for two of them, his name is on their birth certificates, accompanied MJ wherever he went. MJ is their father, period. They are Jacksons. Bill ought to take a peek at Blanket cause he looks the least "white." Blanket actually favors MJ the most. Have you seen Blanket’s swag? Straight from Mike. The oldest two could look like Debbie just as much as they could look like MJ. Like I said in another MJ/Snob post, unless these doubters produce a DNA test and proof they are qualified geneticists, they should leave this one alone.

  4. Well… those children weren’t conceived with MJ’s sperm. Reports claim it was a white man. And Debbie Rowe is a white woman, so… when it comes time for the children to start ticking boxes on government forms — will it be black or white?But, Michael Jackson was in every other respect their father… if he truly had fertility doctors use another man’s sperm.

  5. Too bad the Israelis didn’t keep her. As my former representative, I can affirm that she is a loon.

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