Day: July 15, 2009

Disclaimer: I am not, or have I ever been affiliated with a Greek-organization (unless IG Phi IG is one. But our charter wasn’t approved. We even had colors picked out and everything! We repped Houndstooth. *shakes fists*). I am not a hater of fraternities & sororities, nor have I ever tried to pledge one and got declined. (In fact, one of my best friends is Greek. *cackles*), so I’m not bitter either. I’m just a snarky blogger who is an equal opportunity roaster. Let tongue meet cheek. If this ruffles feathers, my bad. I don’t want no protesting stroll-offs happening on my blog. I don’t want to have to break any lines on my eCrib & get eJumped by nobody. I come in peace (and IG).

By Luvvie

Folks take their Black Greek affiliations se’ous! Folks rock their letters before rocking that Family Reunion shirt (yes I know it’s flimsy and lime green and has that stubborn ketchup stain on it. But you get my point). If stuck between fighting for their blood brother and their frat brother, a couple of people would pause for a minute to think about it. By the time they make their decisions, one of their brothers has disowned them and said “that’s that bullsh*t.” I’m just saying. THIS lets you know how big of a deal Greek-hood can be to some.

This is why I was taken aback (albeit while laughing uncontrollably) when I found out that William Jefferson Clinton has been inducted as an honorary member of the historically Black fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma.

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As a wee Snob, my favorite pastime was playing Barbies with Big Sis and Baby Snob. With three girls in one house we had a ton of Barbies and our mother was deadset on making sure more than 50 percent of those dolls were black. Back when Christie was the only black Barbie and black dolls were scarce, Mommy Snob would move heaven and earth to find a black doll, any black doll, that was pretty for us to play with. This meant routinely complaining to store owners to stock black Barbies and snatching up Flo-Jo and Michael Jackson dolls for us to play with the second they came out.

I can remember when Barbie finally released the Shani line of dolls, three Barbies of different skin tones with African American-style names and extravagant gowns. My mother bought us all three. I’ve written before about the importance of black children seeing beauty that represents themselves and these dolls were beyond aspiration for me. I wanted to be my Shani doll as much as I wanted to be Flo-Jo growing up. Who doesn’t want to be tall, confident and beautiful? And that’s what my dolls represented to me — the promise of this fantasy adulthood where I could be anything.

Therefore I’m trying to suppress squees over Mattel’s latest Snob-bait, So In Style, aka “SIS,” a new line of black dolls with more Afrocentric features and cute outfits.

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He’s got the fried chicken and potato salad, ya’ll! So “Ya’ll come” to the Republican Party already!

From Talking Points  Memo:


What … the … hell?

Uncle Mike, let’s talk.

I realize that you feel this strange need to overcompensate for your blackness because you’re a conservative and black conservatives usually catch some degree of hell from black people. I get that. Totally. And I think it’s wrong to question someone’s Negro-ness simply because their political views differ from yours. But DUDE, you have got to stop talking to me like I just walked out of the cotton patch. And even if I did just emerge from that field, doorag on head, I would still give you the sideye and say “Harpo, who dis man?”

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