Barring “Complete Meltdown” Sen. Graham Predicts A Sotomayor Confirmation

Republican Senator and John McCain BFF Lindsey Graham predicted that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor would get more than 50 votes in her confirmation barring a “complete meltdown” by the candidate. This, to me, sez the opposition has … absolutely nothing. If the most they can hope for is for Sotomayor to turn to into a pumpkin while on the stand they’re in trouble. While she’s been maligned for her loose lips potentially sinking her own ship with her “wise Latina” statement, Graham all but admitted there is little in the way to stop the Sotomayor juggernaut.

So … let the ad hominen attacks by the pathetic and desperate commence!

5 thoughts on “Barring “Complete Meltdown” Sen. Graham Predicts A Sotomayor Confirmation

  1. @swiv She does seem amused by all the craziness over her comments. Her responses today were very measured with a I don’t suffer fools undertone.

  2. no comment about graham’s "meltdown" statement? think it was chauvinistic. barring a meltdown? this woman has proven she has mettle–but just because she’s got more estrogen than testosterone she’s in danger of not being able to handle herself in front of the good ole’ boys and may have a meltdown? seriously?

  3. that’s because it’s the incorrect interpretation. the comment itself IS stupid. if you’re going to compare, compare apples to apples. a wise old white man and a wise old latin woman. comparing experience vs. saying inexperience and saying experience is better is a "duh" comment.

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