Obamas Overseas, Part I (Pictures)

President Obama and his family are in Ghana Saturday, but here is a collection of pictures from their recent trip to Italy.

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(Apologizes in advance for the exuberance of GumGum’s adverts for “Bruno.” Yes. They are annoying, but … um … I get to use their pictures for free?)

Love Michelle, but the belt is KILLING ME!


16 thoughts on “Obamas Overseas, Part I (Pictures)

  1. Outside of the outfit while meeting The Pope, I loved the choices of The First Lady. But, it was The Pope, and she wasn’t supposed to make any fashion statement – well done.

  2. Yes, it’s time for her to leave the belts alone. They ruin perfectly good outfits for her and cause those pregnancy rumors. But her clothes on this trip have mostly been belt free, so she get’s an A- on this trip. That yellow dress is insanely gorgeous on her.

  3. Danielle…I’m not so sure the free pics are worth those completely distracting ads. An affordable subscription might be worth investigating.

  4. Is there anyway to get the pictures without the distracting Bruno Ads. Love the shots that aren’t on Daylife. I so wanted to see the ladies who lunch.

  5. I see nothing wrong with the belt. It made the outfit even more cute, along with the veil. I’m really confused as to why people have a problem with such a basic and commonplace accessory. Michelle obviously enjoys the way they look or the way they feel. I hope she keeps it up. Hey, with her body ‘Chelle can rock anything.

  6. I LOVED the veil she wore! I bet Michelle felt she was playing dress up big time with that. My aunt said it was very early " Erica Kane" of All My Children, tres Catholic. Honestly what other occasion in life , inclusive of an American funeral, could an already married woman (or any woman marrying for the 1st time, over a certain age), sport all of that lovely lace over her hair with out looking liking a overdone Xmas tree?Also its tradition to wear black and cover your head when meeting the pontiff . Even Michele’s new bff, the Queen of England (1980 and 2000) donned all black and and a veil . Its a sign of respect. Do any of the older church ladies at Trinity sport Crowns?

  7. i heard obama and the pope talked about abortion and stem cell for 30 minutes. wooooo…..it HAD to be a deep conversation.

  8. Really enjoyed this photo selection. There are a few of that black dress/leggings numbah I hadn’t seen before and now can appreciate the details.That outfit for the pope was really perfect. (can’t see Michelle in one of those little lace doily head-pieces, can you?)BTW — what I do with ads is squint down through clicking them off. Then I return to the top for a leisurely scroll down.

  9. She looks great in these pics – but you’re right about the belt. Can’t wait until she figures that out. Also, I don’t understand the big bow on the black outtfit – too much, too big, even for Mrs. Obama. In the above pic, it doesn’t look too bad, but in other pics I’ve seen of that day it looked overwhelming.

  10. Nyc/caribbean ragazza, I thought I was the only one who wanted to rock a veil. Lol, and I know how funny that reads. I thought Mrs. Obama looked so fly, so old school. The veil is kinda sexy too, although that is not it’s intent… at least initially. Even the bow had old school flair.

  11. I agree, the belt is overdone….. but these pics were really great. Michelle wearing the leggings reflects who she is… Do you people know what it is to be having to be prettily dress all the time… Sometimes you do want to relax. And I think because she is such a good ambassador, we could allow her that.

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