Today on The Retort

Vernon Mitchell Jr. lays the blame for CNN’s of kilter performance on Black In America not on the much maligned Soledad O’Brien, but CNN itself.

Here’s a sample:

The documentary is akin to BET’s infamous “Hip-Hop vs. America” round table discussion last year where the notion was tossed around that my generation’s music, hip hop, was denigrating our culture and values. Nevermind that the alleged culture and values of the nation have already been denigrated and the music is simply a reflection, if not highlighting, larger societal woes.

Both documentaries took the simple, lazy, and narrow view of a greater and much more complex issue. By focusing on the symptoms (raunchy lyrics, misogyny, or out-of-wedlock pregnancies) rather than the disease (lack of jobs and education opportunities for African Americans), you end up with stew of amalgamated sophisms about something much deeper.

Read the rest here.


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