The Revolution Will Be Google Stalked

In light of the overwhelming response for me to Google Stalk someone other than my beloved Prince of West Memphis, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News, TJ Holmes, I’ve decided to “Google Stalk” … everyone you suggested.

Yes! That means random updates and photos of Don Lemon, Jamal Simmons, Carlos Watson, Hill Harper and CNN’s Errol Barnett. It’s a tough job to track the attractive menfolk of politics, media and activism, but … sigh … some girl has to do it!

Now for TJ fans, NO ONE will replace the Teege in my heart. He is my first Google Stalking love. Just because I’m all verklempt over him running off to marry some woman who’s not me doesn’t mean I’ve stopped caring about his brand of Pretty Boy Awesome. He is still two scoops of deliciousness with butterscotch sprinkles on a Saturday morning. I would devour him and die, but he is somebody else’s guy, ladies (and gents). Woe is moi! But I’m happy for you, Teege! Really. I am. Just ignore the tears. It’s cool that you didn’t get my approval or anything. I’m good.

God. Where did I put that link to that Vesta song!?

5 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Be Google Stalked

  1. Awww….a new google crush! But I will say its a good thing that TJ is getting married – West Memphis is scary. That would Ar-Kansas to the rest of Snob followers

  2. Don Lemon is super HOT!!!! You are going to have fun Google stalking him especially when he wears his glasses! HOT!

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