FYI: Rep. King Gives Slaves The Ol’ Stink Vote

Wanna know who the sole person was who voted against a symbolic bill that would put up a plaque acknowledging the work of slave labor to build the Capitol? This dude. The thing passed the House 366-to-1 and Rep. Steve King of Iowa just HAD to be the one. Ron Paul voted for it. RON PAUL! (And I’m sure he could have come up with a Libertarian argument against it if he tried.) And crazy Michele Bachmann and other people I don’t even like voted yes. But not this dude! Charming fellow. He also thought Abu Ghraib was like “hazing.”

King said the no vote was about “protecting America’s Juedo-Christian heritage.” Um … newsflash. Most abolitionists and Republicans were against slavery. Many of those people happened to be Christians. I cannot point out how many kinds of wrong his statement was. You sir, are The Black Snob Asshat of the Day. Wear it accordingly. (Talking Points Memo)

6 thoughts on “FYI: Rep. King Gives Slaves The Ol’ Stink Vote

  1. "B-B-But its our judeo-christian values at stake!"I got this cat mixed up with the one from NY talking about MJ at first…they all the same!

  2. "In the Capitol Visitor’s Center, we agreed to change the name of the Great Hall – which honored the immigrants that came legally to America – to Emancipation Hall to honor the 645,000 slaves and their descendants who were brought to the United States more than two centuries ago." from statement released by Rep.KingNo words to waste on this Mr. King, but I’m happy to hear about the name change.

  3. This is also the same boy genius that said Al-Qaeda would be "dancing in the streets" if Obama was elected. Nuff said.

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