The Snob Is Tired And Needs New Glasses

Therefore The Snob will be taking the rest of the afternoon off pending any breaking news. Feel free to drop me some story ideas, questions and links. I’m always looking for a good tip! Ciao.

8 thoughts on “The Snob Is Tired And Needs New Glasses

  1. Ok. that pic totally looks like your logo, lol. Great eyebrows btw!Yes, go treat yourself right today!! Maybe a mani & pedi to compliment your new glasses & a nice long nap in a sunny spot.hmmm. I want that day myself.

  2. Beautiful Snob,Contacts maybe? My little girl bugged me and bugged me until I relented and spent the cash.How I can’t picture her with glasses, lol!Take the rest. For me too, lol!

  3. so, word on the street is raven symone popped out a kid this summer…anyone hear that?

  4. D, thank you for posting that. I was just going to. Black kids booted out of a private swim club after they paid $1900. My heart broke…and read the club’s statement: They felt the kids would change "the complexion" of the club. Lord help the blind see.

  5. Hi DB, You are doing a great job! I’m just lazing around flipping through stations and realized that there are more commercials and boring sitcoms on cable than anything — its no wonder that bootleggers are doing a booming business — all the movies are on the pay channels! Cable TV appears to be ran by greedy CEOs with no thought of the big picture for America. If there is nothing on tv and no one has any money — somebody is going to go out and commit a few crimes.

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