Sasha Is Agent 99: The Obamas in Russia

From Lynn Sweet’s column:

Remember the tv show “Get Smart” and how Barbara Feldon played Agent 99? In Moscow, President Obama does. First Lady Michelle Obama, daughters Malia, 8 and Sasha, 11, mom Marian Robinson and godmother, Eleanor Kaye Wilson are along for the official visits to Russia, Italy and Ghana.

Asked by ABC’s Jake Tapper if Sasha and Malia were having fun in Moscow, Obama noted the trenchcoats worn by his girls and dubbed Sasha the new “Agent 99”-

“You know they’re great travelers. Sasha was walking down one of the halls of the Kremlin yesterday. She had her trench coat on, had her pockets in her trench coat. We called her Agent 99, she just looked like she knew where she was going. I thought she was going to pull out her shoe phone,” Obama said.

More pictures after the jump.

See more pictures at New York Magazine’s The Cut’s Michelle Obama Look Book.

7 thoughts on “Sasha Is Agent 99: The Obamas in Russia

  1. I love the humor and lightheartedness Mrs. O injects when answering questions. They really give her a "I’m not taking any of this too seriously" air that’s refreshing.

  2. I love that Mrs. O is sensibly wearing that cute black and white dress again. It has always struck me as frivolous when public figures wear something once and never repeat.

  3. No and i don’t care to see the video where our illustrious first family is disrespected.. next. americans are soooooooooooo damn negative..get fox news out of your heads..and think for yourself!

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