Charles D. Ellison Tackles CNN on The Retort

Here’s a sample of his story:

Giving Soledad the benefit of the doubt here, she’s in a predicament reflecting the continuing cautionary tale of Black journalists. Perhaps, her heart – unlike CNN’s – is in the right place. Something’s bugging us that the edge of urgency in her narrating whine can’t be acted. The real issue is with the content and the game Black journalists are forced to play. And, they reach a point where they enjoy playing it. There’s, perhaps, a need for deeper discussion on that. On one hand, big media pushes the “let’s get along/move on” dictate of the predominant demographic eager for 400-year absolution while on another vibe they can’t get enough of pigeon-holing us into neatly crafted stereotypes. Black journalists, like Soledad, are caught in the middle of that, desperately wanting success through means other than their “Blackness” – eager to display skills defined by their ability to discern other topics, other issues other than where they’re from or who they are. Yet, snared in the celebrity toggle of drawing high income, high regard and high ratings, an endless cycle of having to step back and forth between parallel dimensions colored by color.

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2 thoughts on “Charles D. Ellison Tackles CNN on The Retort

  1. So, instead of a whole apple, the folks in charge hand you a soggy slice. Not calling out journalists of color, but it still reminds me of the field vs house scenario.

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