What’s On The Retort Today?

Check out AverageBro Tuesday on The Retort as he breaks down why he doesn’t think there’s a need for a Black In America 2.

Here’s a taste:

Wouldn’t you know it, things went so great the first time that CNN’s going to the high ratings well yet again, with the sure to disappoint Black In America 2: Solutions, airing later this month. The mere fact that they are making a part two, and have the nerve to title it “Solutions” tells you what sorta cluster the first edition was. So hackneyed, negative, and extreme in its ham-handed representation of America, BiA was so universally criticized that the it’s hard to see this followup as little more than a mea culpa. Well, either a mea culpa, or a nice way of saying “yeah, we totally f*cked up the first time, but did you see those Nielsen ratings?

I mean, come on, what sorta responsible journalism is this? Using “Intellectual Masturbator” extraordinaire Michael Eric Dyson’s backstory, CNN posits that Dyson’s brother is incarcerated mostly because he is dark skinned.

Really? Wow. Just. Wow. I suppose the fact that he was convicted for murder is a mere footnote.

“Blame it on the me-me-me-me-me-me-la-nin!”

The obvious problem with the first show was the audience it was trying to speak to. Clearly, BiA wasn’t made for black people, because any Negro worth his Lowry’s already knows 97% of the bullsh*t they covered. Out of wedlock kids. Incarceration. Lightskin/darkskin tension. Hypertension. Divorce. Vocoders. We don’t need a documentary for that, that sh*t is real life, and most of us have already lived some version of some part of it.

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  1. I didn’t get anything out of Part ! and I certainly don’t understand who has been asking for part 2; unless, of course, they themselves want to improve on what they did the first time.

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