Hot Topics: Guess Who Wants to Say the N-Word and O’Reilly Is Confused About MJ and Black People

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Perez Hilton went with a gay slur but would have rather called a nigger. How enlightened of him to offend his own kind instead incur the wrath of Negroes. Wait? Did he just tell the Advocate what he was thinking? Never mind. Bring the wrath.

Bill O’Reilly doesn’t get this whole black folks and Michael Jackson thing. Why do you like him so much? His face is white and his kids aren’t black. Papa Bear is confused! Won’t you help him understand? Or won’t you just ignore him like you always do.

What kind of card is race, asks one reader. It’s a break down of the meaning behind the so-called “race card. Get in on the debate!

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10 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Guess Who Wants to Say the N-Word and O’Reilly Is Confused About MJ and Black People

  1. That woman should not have called him a freak. That was uncalled for but I do understand where Bill is coming from. I like MJ and think he was the best entertainer ever but he was not a champion for civil rights. I see black people giving him credit for opening the doorway for Barack and Oprah. I love Michael but he had nothing to do with that. He did have deep issues regarding race and people just want to sweep that under the rug and give him praise for something he had nothing to do with. What I have learned from Michael and his death is to try to help a person when they may seem a little odd.

  2. MJ was a freak and Bill is right. For the longest time MJ was written off by blacks as a has been that went off the deep end by mutilating himself in sad attempts to look white and sleeping with kids. Now that he is dead, the black MJ was rediscovered and has been placed back into the pantheon of black entertainers.

  3. just as white people are in love Angelina and her World of Nations children. Leave it to Fox news. Watching ‘this stuff’. what? and Freak? wow

  4. i can’t be bothered to watch bill and the stepford wives fall over themselves to comment about black people…i can only speculate they’re upset they didn’t get any tickets to the memorial…

  5. I don’t see why anyone even watches this jive azz channel. And didn’t Oreilly pay out some money in a harassment settlement? Does that make him a freak? GMAB. Fox is full of trash.

  6. From what I understand MJ gave to black colleges and was one of the firsts to acknowledge the tragedy the is some of Africa…so although he may have had issues with himself or perhaps his identity it does not mean he shunned or disassociated for the black community…I cannot make excuses for what I really don’t know though, everyone has demons and insecurities, some people deal better than others…As for all the rubbish about why WE care, what difference does it make to the likes of "THEM" who don’t get it…If Mr o’reilly is so concerned about black people why not have a show on all the racist good ol’ boys who still are trying to with theie last bit of strength hold on to the way things were….but I digress… I will miss Mr. Jackson because I grew up with most of his music and because I empathize with the loss of human life…

  7. Why, in heavens name, do white folk get so freaked out when someone Black is honored? The fun part about it all is that they could do nothing about it because they had to have the ratings and if they chose not to show the memorial and follow the news they would have been dead in the water.

  8. khrish:That must be why Pelosi is refusing to consider Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s, D-Texas, resolution honoring Jackson.

  9. To ScottLook who in the F–K is talking a-hole!! First off maybe he was ‘cutting himself up’ because society[i.e. you]have been telling him and other black folks that our features don’t measure up you mean a black person actually HATES their features and wants to change them now where on EARTH would they find a reason to do that?!! And please you pissants glorify white celebrities that are not only straight up cuckoo for cocopuffs but also leave a whole LOT to be desired. As for sleeping with kids I got 2 words for you: Catholic church and why don;’t you go lecture th Hollyweird fools and creepy dummies defending a CHILD RAPIST?!! In fact I’m going to make a movie called ‘No Country for Dirty Old White Men’ it’s starring Woody Allen,Bill Wyman,Roman Polanski,Gary Glitter,the ghost of Micheal Kennedy,Phillip Garrido,and a crapload of Catholic priests.

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