Google Stalking … ???

In case you didn’t know, much to my lament, my favorite anchorman TJ Holmes is marrying some woman who isn’t me. (WHY, LAWD, WHY!?!) For the last two years I have faithfully “Google Stalked” TJ online (because real stalking is bad), providing you all with regular TJ Holmes updates and photos. While I still plan to be TJ’s no. #1 non-crazy stalker fan, I’m going to need a new person to Google Stalk. Sigh. I’d prefer that this be a news or political person more so than a celebrity because celebrities are already being “Google Stalked” by the masses.

But who could be so worthy of my insane attention?

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Here are some of the candidates:

MSNBC’s Brilliant Carlos Watson

CNN’s Don “Sweet, Never Sour” Lemon

Political Strategist The Fascinating Jamal Simmons

Actor/Activist Hill “OMFG” Harper

Any other names? Suggestions? No one will ever replace the Teege in my widdle heart, but … sigh, I’se gots to move on at some point!

46 thoughts on “Google Stalking … ???

  1. I am a fan of Carlos Watson myself. I put HIll Harper in the celebrity category, but I love his other contributions to society and his intellect.

  2. I join in your pain. My former future husband, Harry Lennix, just married Tameka Foster’s unattractive twin sister. I am done. But, Hill Harper is fine and ripe.

  3. I love Hill Harper, but I feel like it should be someone a little more obscure; someone that you have to dig up a little information on. But I also believe that everyone has the right to *stalk whom they want.* Let your heart be your guide, Danielle! 🙂

  4. I’m gonna vote for Don Lemon. See if you squint you can see a little of TEEJ in there, it’ll make the transition that much easier.

  5. My vote would be for Carlos, but then there is the ever so cute Lemon. I’m on that Carlos tip myself so it would have to be Carlos!

  6. Sorry Snob – we know how much you love TJ. I say Hill Harper but Don Lemon is not so bad looking.

  7. I love the anchors, but my vote is for Hill Harper. He is intelligent, a great actor and an activist. That makes him hella sexy! Yummy 😉

  8. Isn’t Don Lemon married? How about an athlete? Will Demps is fine and seems to have a brain.

  9. Im luvin me some Carolos Watson but Hill Harper updates would be fun b/c he is so sexy and he has the mysterious vibe b/c I never hear anything on him

  10. How about Errol Barnett, the cute i-report guy with the kind of british accent? He’s a bit of a youngin but he’s very cute…Personally I prefer Don Lemon’s intellectual cuteness to T.J’s ruggedness so he would get my vote too! And he’s aging fantastically! I did a bit of google-stalking myself and was SHOCKED to realise he’s 43! He looks at least 10 years younger.

  11. I say take Jamal, because he’s a nice drop of chocolate. Look at that skin. Plus, Don Lemon’s mine. Sorry! Lol.

  12. Wow….so many good choices. I’m stuck between them all! Carlos, Don, Errol & Hill. Can’t you stalk each one for a week! That way we get four kinds of hotness for a whole month…..

  13. Ever since reading your SCAN report, I’ve married you off in my crazy imaginary world to Aaron Mcgruder. So I vote for him. :-).

  14. A little birdie (or a few of them) told me that Don Lemon is gay. I consider her to be a pretty reliable source so I dont want you to waste your amazing skills on him. It’d be a tie btwn carlos and hill but CARLOS by the slightest margin 🙂

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