First Family Arrives In Russia

Read about it here. See more pictures here.


7 thoughts on “First Family Arrives In Russia

  1. Sigh…. and I fall in love with the First Family all over again.I love, love, LOVE that Sasha and Malia’s hair is still natural and that the Obamas have raised their girls with enough comfort and confidence in the beauty of their blackness that Malia can go on a diplomatic trip with her hair in twists.It really is a new day.

  2. travelgirl says:

    Yes, Thank You SOOOOOO much for the pictures we can always count on you to give us an extra (very prompt) visual of all things Obama when they travel and are in the public.I look forward to watching the Obama girls grow into beautiful young black women. Great Job!!!!!!

  3. sarah says:

    They look fabulous. I love the matching trench coats on the girls. But why does Michelle have to wear belts with everrrryyythinnnng….and why does she cinch those belts right underneath her boobs….if she wants to bring some definition to her shape she needs to buy a good set of Spanx.

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