My Favorite Person In The World Roland Martin Gets His Own Show! (But Not On CNN?!?)

My fair Uncle Rolly Rolls is getting a new show ya’ll! Break out the balloons and streamers! CNN finally stopped dicking on home skillet around and pony upped a … wait? What’s that you say? CNN didn’t follow through? Then who the hell gave the man I lurve a show? TV One?!?! Can I even get that on my TV?

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From Huffington Post:

NEW YORK — Roland Martin will anchor a new Sunday public affairs show aimed at a black audience that will debut in September on the TV One network.

The “Washington Watch” program aims to tap into a new interest in politics and government due to the election of President Barack Obama, said Johnathan Rodgers, TV One’s president and CEO. It debuts Sept. 27 at 11 a.m. EDT, and the show will be repeated each week at 5 p.m.

Martin, who is also a CNN commentator, will interview newsmakers and members of the Congressional Black Caucus. April Ryan, White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks, and Robert Traynham, Philadelphia Tribune columnist and Comcast host, will be regular panel members. TV One is in about 48 million homes, a little less than half of the nation’s TV homes.

Rodgers said it dawned on him when TV One covered last year’s Democratic convention and he saw many Black Caucus members trudge up to the network’s temporary rooftop studio for interviews: These politicians have few outlets to talk about their issues and people have few places to hear them.

“I hope to get smart, intelligent, entertaining conversation,” Rodgers said, “but I put this under the public affairs arena. It doesn’t have to be a ratings success.”

Aw! Slaps on the backs and lots of grins for Roland, ya’ll. He’s gonna class up the joint at TV One! You know, TV One? The other black oriented TV network that’s not all embarrassing like BET. And his new show is going to be all kinds of FUBU — for us, by us n’ shizz. Ain’t that special? Everyone give the hat tip to Roland!

Mind you, I had to find this out from a reader who forwarded me the HuffPo link. Not my fair Rolly Rolls who won’t write me anymore. Why? I thought we had a good thing where I would write something, and you’d get annoyed and then I’d make fun of you and we’d all laugh and laugh! It was wonderful. I miss you, Roland. Come back to The Snob. I’ll bake you a cake. Promise!

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Person In The World Roland Martin Gets His Own Show! (But Not On CNN?!?)

  1. I’m not a fan of Cathy Hughes or Comcast, who jointly own TVONE, but it seems like TVONE is moving in the right direction in general. This should be interesting.

  2. I am happppppppeeeee! I love Roland Martin and any other postive clean cut respectable brutha on the come up. I can’t wait to spread the word!

  3. yawn. I should care. it is a step in the right direction being FUBU and all.yawn. maybe its Rolly rolls himself taking the shine off this news for me. I just picture the fiasco that CNN created with his gaggle of giggling gossip girls while Campbell was gone.tell me if its any good.

  4. I heard this when I was waiting for Dr. Bill Cosby to come on for his seminar @ the Essence Music Festival. The first thing he said was that his wife is happy that it brings in more money. Too bad I refuse to pay triple for so called deluxe cable to view TVOne and I won’t have chance to see his new show.

  5. Roland Martin, "clean cut respectable" …?Try greasy and embarrassing. There are plenty polished black journalists — real ones, who actually report, and think critically. Without the zoot suits.

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