Got Problems? Ask Nia!

Gotta a problem? Don’t know what to do? Nia Orms has just the therapist to help you at her clinic of multi-personality therapy. Get answers from folks like the hottest Puerto Rican mami in the world Josie (You can’t stop looking at her! Just try!) or empathic, Negro-friendly white girl Briana (she feels your struggle) or the fastest hairbraider in the history of hairbraiding, Sudan (she’ll get that weave in cheap and tell you how she really feels). And they’re all giving away advice for the low, low price of nothing! Plus, the real Nia will pop in to give you some sound advice once these Chatty Cathies get their two cents in. So c’mon! The clinic is open here at The Black Snob! Your doctors are in!

To Ask Nia, just email, subject line: Ask Nia.

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