12 thoughts on “Celebrating the Fourth (And Malia’s B-Day) With the Obamas

  1. d says:

    I’m loving all of these positive images a black family .There is another picture of Sasha holding an ice cream cone. Her look says, "what the hell is wrong with you people? Y’all acting like you’ve never seen someone eat icecream before!". Hilarious

  2. d says:

    also, has anyone noticed Malia is already at her dad’s shoulders? Does this mean she will be taller than him????

  3. Check Mate says:

    Happy Birthday Princess Malia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear baby Sasha Fierce is one beautiful little girl. She’s always looking beyond the family’s actions to study the world around her. Its as though she is saying, I see y’all all the time. This is something new.

  4. Denise says:

    Actually, I’m a little worried about Sasha. She has seemed a little said in the photos taken in the past few weeks. I wonder if all of the media focus is too much for her. She’s only 8 after all.

  5. bdsista says:

    I think Sasha doesn’t handle not being the center of attention well. I have seen this expression when older sis is in the spotlight and Sasha has to control herself which is tough for an 8yr old. I love that Michelle has the tight bun made of her own hair. Heck I’m now ashamed of my big clip on ponytail I wore all weekend. I even saw a few strands of grey in the front. Just like me!!

  6. tracey k in ohio says:

    Great pictures – I never tire of looking @ this beautiful, positive fam. I also agree w/bdsista; whenever it looks like Malia is getting too much of Daddy’s attention, Sasha’s expression shows it! (LOL!) And go-head, First Lady – with your ‘pony-bun’; It’s exactly how I’m wearing my hair right now! We look like sisters separated at birth! Yay! 🙂

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