Happy Fourth of July

Belton Family PhotoSpend it doing remembering those you love and doing something you like. I’m commemorating the holiday with my family and Johnny Depp in “Public Enemies.” Ah. Nothing like watching a film about celebrity bank robbers of the Great Depression to honor your nation’s history.

7 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July

  1. I hate to disappoint you, Danielle, but that movie is a turkey according to the critics.

  2. went last night, was pretty good. Depp did not disappoint although the HD was so strong you could see the pores on his skin. Bale was the usual cardboard stoic, no emoting, dry, boring. There was one brother who was like the bodyguard butler and a few Black women extras, in crowd scenes that if you blink you missed em. Which made me ask my date, "Were there NO Black women in Chicago during the depression?"Not at as bad at Eastwoods ignoring the participation of over 900+ Black servicement in Flags of Our Fathers which Spike Lee rightfully called him on, but still pretty pale casting for a pic that is in Chicago, post great migration.but it kept my interest the entire time. I felt it was pretty well done.

  3. The movie isn’t about the racial make up of Chicago but about Dillinger and I am only guessing but I doubt he hung out with many black folk in a segregated Chicago.

  4. @ dukeMichael Mann is one of my favorite directors. As long as it’s not as dull as "Ali" was (and Bale doesn’t do "Batvoice" again), we’ll be cool. Plus, anything with Johnny Depp in it gets my $10.

  5. @DAnielle: Exactly! Anything with Johnny Depp makes me want to go and pay money to see a movie. 🙂

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