Wimbledon: All Williams All The Time

Venus and Serena Williams will being hitting center court at Wimbledon Saturday for a sisterly showdown — a repeat of last year’s all-Williams, all-American final where Venus, best player on grass, defeated her little sister after a hard-fought match.

I watched both their semi-final matches Thursday. While Venus administered a cool, calculated and domineering beatdown of the number one player in the world (6-0, 6-1), Serena duked it out in a slugfest where she had to bring her A-game to clinch the whole shebang in three gruling sets. Who’s got the edge? Who will win? Who cares! This is how I like my tennis. All Williams, all the time. Nothing would make me happier to see nothing but thropies for both sisters in every tournament. Venus is graceful. Serena is powerful. Both are exciting to watch. I’m so greedy for Williams finals I get jealous when they trot away from tennis to make awful clothes or star in guest spots on Law & Order. PLAY TENNIS, DAGNABIT! But I get it. Having a life outside the game has helped their longevity. I respect that. I still would rather see them destroy the dreams of former Soviet Bloc players, but whatever. I got ya backs.

7 thoughts on “Wimbledon: All Williams All The Time

  1. Love it, love it! I’m a huge tennis fan anyway but when I see these sisters/sistahs surgically cutting down opponents with sheer skill and power I have to get my happy dance on. I’ll be watching.

  2. I am not a fan of tennis, however they still make me proud.It’s shallow, but I love seeing those tennis whites set against that chocolate brown skin.May the best sister win!

  3. I’m loving it too…It’s just so difficult to catch the games on TV. Yesterday I had to tape 5 hours of tennis on my tivo just to see Serena’s game. But it was sooooo worth it! One of the best matches EVER!The ladies are killin it in the doubles too, but I don’t think those are scheduled to air at all…or maybe only highlights during other matches.

  4. I have a feeling the Williams sisters (Serena in particular) loooove beating opponents who the mainstream media laud as pin-up girls. Maria Sharapova, for example, couldn’t beat a gallon on Sherwin-Williams paint, much less either of the two. If I were a fair haired WTA player in the top ten, I’d make sure to ask Wimbledon powers that be to put all Williams matches were on Center court, as to not give them even more reason to smash me.

  5. I’ll continue to cheer them on as they continue to stomp on the dreams of all the blondies in tennis. 😉

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