“Why Are You Shouting At Everyone?” And Other Commenter Issues

Hey guys. Let’s talk. Have a seat? Comfy? Good.

Listen. It’s about the comments. Now most of you are super respectful, thoughtful cool peeps. I love you guys like play cousins. You’re awesome. But as the readership has grown over the last few months there’s been an increase of … what’s the right word … THE CRAZY on the blog. And when I mean crazy, I mean writing long, nonsensical screeds featuring folks who don’t know how to turn off the CAPS LOCK key.

This must stop.

More after the jump.

So from now on, I don’t care who you are, if you start into a crazytown rant with caps lock abuse you’re getting disemvoweled. Two offenses and I just start deleting your comments without warning. Also, all personal attacks — that’s a deletion. And being an asshat — that’s a disemvoweling leading to eventual deletion.

Starting … now.

I don’t want to have to start pre-monitoring comments. (But I will if asshatery gets worse.) I honestly don’t want to turn into the comments dictator, but please, police yourselves. If you noticed that you’ve used ALL CAPS more than three times in one rant, perhaps you have a caps lock addiction. Maybe you should go to caps lock rehab. Go through caps lock withdrawal. Then come back here when you know how to type like a normal person. Do we understand each other? Thanks!

19 thoughts on ““Why Are You Shouting At Everyone?” And Other Commenter Issues

  1. I also noticed the increase of the crazy. It was pretty scary. Thanks for issuing the warnings.

  2. I completely agree with you. The ALL CAPS comments are annoying as all get out! Thanks for taking a stand against this travesty of grammar and good judgment.

  3. Hahahaha!!! Asshattery and douchebaggery abound on the netz. Could be they’re just newbs, though, amirite? But lol, I noticed you were careful to keep the capslockery down to ONLY THREE. Luvya blog and keep up the good work.

  4. That lady running with the butterfly net chasing vowels is hilarious, almost as funny as the oh really owl. But yeah, I have stopped reading other blogs because the blog owners refuse to delete inconsiderate people, something about freedom of speech (imo they are just lazy) . Thanks for thinking of your readers who don’t want to scroll past "asshattery’ as you say-lol

  5. Lol@caps lock rehab. That’s so funny. Yeah the typing in caps is annoying. I also find it annoying when people forget what a paragraph is and how to use them. Rants are okay but typing in caps and not using paragraphs is really annoying.

  6. Has anyone else noticed across the blogosphere that people seem a wee bit more angry than they used to be? Relax, retale, release, People.

  7. Angry people? I blame the recession! LOL If you can’t "ball" with dollars, ball with the caps lock key…make it rain CAPS. One more to go but…that is all.

  8. I saw a lot of that asshattery on the MJ posts…it makes the comments way less interesting to read….and sort of annoying.

  9. @ Dane: I agree. My spidey senses detected a bit of trolling but I didn’t want to stir up crap in the comment section by throwing around accusations. I’m glad Danielle nipped this little issue in the bud…Caps are a good thing when used appropriately. Everything in moderation folks…

  10. LMAO!!! Now you see Snob, if you want people to behave then perhaps you shouldn’t make us laugh until we pee ourselves. Okay, I know you are serious, so I promise I’m off to Rehab and won’t come back until I’m cured. LOL!!! oooops sorry!!! is that strike one already???

  11. i sometimes work in autoCAD which requires caps lock all the time. sometimes i’m just too lazy to take it off.

  12. i am too lazy to use any capitals when not at work…if i didn’t need symbols sometimes i would never use the shift button..& when did typed words get a perceived decibel level anyway…. (uh.. no thank you.. am not that desperate to know.. no really..)i don’t think of typing in that termsmy dislike is basically aesthetic…i think any sentence or paragraph entirely written in capital case is just plain ugly…..*muses*”so do the different fonts have different sounds and accents? does times new roman ‘sound’ english?i know comic sans is just irritating to me – not because it is ‘comical’ in any way.. but because it is stylistically wrong…hmmmnnn….”nope… i cannot be arsed to think about this on bright saturday morning – there’ll be an earnestly written study on the web about it somewhere.. i need to go and do something else like sweep my front steps…. write my shopping list… defrost my freezer..

  13. Yeah, I hate the on-screen shouting too. It’s like people don’t get that other people can read the words on screen just fine without having to CAPS LOCK posts. Inside voices, people, please…..no matter how intensely you feel about the subject matter.

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