We Are The Eggmen (Top Comments O’ The Week!)

It’s time for the top three comments of the week (and to pick a winner) who will receive a lovely, humorous, black history themed, BlackSnob original postcard. What were our commenters chatting about this week?

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Some thought Sarah Palin was the Walrus (I love Beatles references!)

I am god as god is me as you are me and we are all together. Yellow matter custard, dripping from an iditarod dog’s eye. Crackheaded fishwife, pornographic priestess, Boy, you been a naughty girl you let your knickers down. Ow koo koo kachoo. I am willing to give up the whole state of alaska to the russians if they take this twit with it. (Singe)

Some were traumatized by the BET Awards.

I never recovered from seeing Bobby Brown’s tongue. It was a very long night. (Neka)

Some thought those Greek dolls looked awfully familiar.

Funny. They both look like Rihanna. (Jose)

Singe, I wanted you to win it all based on that Beatles reference, but, alas, to win you HAVE to have an email address or a Web site down as a contact. Thems the rules! So this week’s award goes to Jose! Jose, you will be receiving an original piece of Black Snob art in post card form! Congratulations and thank you for contributing with the kind of pithy snark that we snobs all love.

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