Hot Topics: More Black Women Adopting and “It Came From Wasilla”

Hot Topics doesn’t need any water. Let the MFer burn.

The single motherhood adoption option for black women. Based on a CNN report, a reader wonders what could be pushing this trend — you know? Besides the stereotypical reasons CNN offers that none of us can get a man (MARRIAGE CRISIS!) so why not adopt your way into motherhood?

Michelle and the girls are going overseas again! This time to Italy, Russia and Ghana. Michelle’s gonna meet the Pope, ya’ll, while traveling with the president.

And “It Came From Wasilla!” It’s an excerpt from Vanity Fair’s lengthy tale of how one woman impacted John “Maverick” McCain’s presidential dreams — and not in a good way. Is the story a hit job or just speaking the truth? I’m going with sad, insane truth (and some hot knife-in-the-back stabbing action from the folks in her Burn Book).

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One thought on “Hot Topics: More Black Women Adopting and “It Came From Wasilla”

  1. I just read the adoption story and what the heck was that they put in there about Black women avoiding adopting kids who were "too dark"? Really? Does CNN have any data to back that up?I mean CNN really, really needs to stay away from covering race. They suck.

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