Black In America 2: Early Reviews … Not Good

From The Hilltop towards the end of the story:

“Compared to the video we saw, it didn’t stimulate the conversation,” said recently crowned Miss D.C., Shirley Rivens Smith, a ANC Commissioner for Ward 5.

“It was mediocre. I would give it a D,” said Bey Bright, a D.C. resident.

In defense of the piece, CNN’s Chris Lawrence told the audience that the documentary “is not a PR piece about black people.” Sweetie, you ain’t neva lied!

7 thoughts on “Black In America 2: Early Reviews … Not Good

  1. One of the things I think killed the first Black In America was Soledad’s condescending interview style toward Micheal Eric Dyson’s Brother specifically regarding the subject on why he was in prison for life. also the (light skinned child) favoritism that was said to be given to Micheal Eric Dyson and not his dark skinned brother as they were growing up. Soledad was very cold and they could have chosen another black reporter for the series. To me she did not seem to have enough empathy to relate to a black person’s experience in some of the stories. Since then I have liked her less as a reporter.

  2. I made up my mind not to watch the second series since the first was pretty crappy.

  3. I’m not watching it. I agree with travelgirl. Soledad came off as cold and not being able to relate to anything. They should have done another black reporter. I’m not watching part 2 either.

  4. I keep seeing the promos where Soledad is saying that based on the discussions stemming from the first one, that CNN knew it had to do a part two. What discussions they were hearing, I don’t know. The first one was pretty horrible because it had no real target audience and went over the same topics without any new angle. But I have to agree with travelgirl and RainaHavock that the biggest issue was Soledad’s reporting in the documentary.

  5. Still waiting on them to cover the educated suburban bougie black family unit, with no one in jail, no one on welfare, no one pregnant out of wedlock… we’re in the White House, do they think that’s the only place we exist?

  6. I assumed that the discussions they heard were that Part 1 was crappy and so they will try to compensate by doing a more relevant Part 2. That’s all they could have meant because me and everybody else that I know thought that Part 1 was absolutly nothing.

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