Thanks For The Love!


Tuesday was my last day of official Snob-A-Thon daily harassment. I’ll continue to fundraise through out the summer for the move to D.C., but you won’t have to worry about the constant begging! (I know you must love the begging posts. Love them!)

I want to thank everyone who donated as we reached $900 in less than two weeks. If you enjoy the site, please feel free to continue to drop some change in the bucket. I honestly can’t thank you all enough for believing in me, this blog and my dream of making it even bigger and better than it is already. This has been a humbling and rewarding experience and I thank you all for being a part of it.

My site was nominated for a Black Weblog Award!

Also: Didja vote Snob for the Black Weblog Awards? Just click on the button that says “2009 Black Weblog Awards” and vote away! I’m up for best political blog, best cultural blog, best writing in a blog and best blog post series. (It’s my series on Mothers & Daughters.) You’ve got until midnight July 25th to cast your vote!

Learn more about the Snob-A-Thon by clicking here. Email Dorothy at to become an advertiser/sponsor. Click the button above to donate.

2 thoughts on “Thanks For The Love!

  1. You love me, you really love me. Hee, hee. Let’s help the Snobster fulfill her dream and destiny of going to DC. I can literally see her interviewing Obama. Wouldn’t that be something?

  2. The link to the weblog awards still won’t let me post. I try to click the boxes and nothing happens.

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