Republicans-to-Prez: How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?

President Barack Obama is a terrible flirt. He gets all the Republican’s hot and bothered with his woo pitchin’ only to turn all shy after all the bipartisan Super Bowl soirees and romantic White House lunches. The flowers. The candy. The ambassadorships. Now nothing.

Where’s the love, Eric Cantor asks? I’d argue it’s somewhere with all those “no” votes.

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From The Plum Line:

GOP leaders have a new complaint about President Obama: He’s not reaching out to them nearly as much as he did earlier this year, when he road-tested his pledge of post-partisanship, only to get uniformly rebuffed on his first big legislative initiative.

Here’s GOP Rep. Eric Cantor, giving voice to the new GOP gripe:

GOP leaders complain that the phone calls and White House invitations have slacked off — perhaps because Obama’s early efforts to woo Republicans yielded few votes.

“I think that in the beginning they seemed a lot more willing to go in and engage with us,” said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor.

I asked Cantor spokesperson Joe Pounder if this was the real view of House GOP leaders. He argued that while Obama engaged at the outset — watching the Super Bowl with GOPs, for instance — there were now multiple cases where Republicans had been snubbed.

For instance, Pounder said, the White House has not responded to the House GOP proposal for $375 billion in budgetary savings for the next five years. What’s more, Pounder continued, Obama has met only with Democrats on several recent occasions.

Of course, Democrats respond that Obama’s initial outreach efforts weren’t exactly reciprocated. House Republicans unanimously opposed his stimulus and his budget, and almost all of them opposed the big war spending bill. Many refused to condemn Rush Limbaugh for saying he hopes Obama fails.

8 thoughts on “Republicans-to-Prez: How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?

  1. because they’re going to oppose him. now at least he realizes this whole "cabinet or rivals" and governmental transparency" are just buzz words and political fluff. put who you need to put in order to get where you want to go.

  2. They spit in his face every chance they had and when The President says, ‘ Ok, I see how to deal with you’, they whine? Of course they do.

  3. Cantor must be positioning to be the next GOP cautionary tale, uh I mean contender. I wonder if Rush makes young Eric dress up like Princess Leia during GOP strategy sessions.

  4. @The’re a mess…lolUh…I’m confused at what their confued about. he tried bipartisanship…they said eff u…and he said okay…seems simple enough to me.

  5. I guess kumbaya time is over. They better do what they have to do while the Democrats still have the majority. In 2010, they might not be sitting so pretty.

  6. cantor and the repubs bit the obama hand that fed them one too many times…once bitten, twicce shy…

  7. I’m getting pretty good and sick of the Democrats too. They act like a bunch of traitors. They need to get a spine. With all this power in house and senate they still act like they need Republicans to move forward. I’m beginning to wonder if Democrats know how to be winners.

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