Vibe Magazine Is No Mas

Wow. No words. Hope the writing/editing staff lands on their feet. This isn’t exactly a journalist’s market.

From Daily Finance via Gawker:

Vibe magazine, the urban-music magazine founded in 1993 by Quincy Jones, is the latest victim of the media recession. A source with knowledge of the situation tells DailyFinance that the staff has learned the magazine is ceasing publication, and assistants in the offices of editor in chief Danyel Smith and publisher Edgar Hernandez confirmed the news. No further information was immediately available. Messages left for Smith, Hernandez and Vibe Media CEO Steve Aaron were not immediately returned.

Vibe enjoyed significant success in the late ’90s and early part of this decade as hip hop and R&B became the nation’s predominant forms of pop music. But in recent years the title has fallen on hard times under its new owner, the Wicks Group, which bought it in 2006. In February, it reduced its circulation and publishing frequency, cut salaries and moved employees to a four-day workweek to save money.

17 thoughts on “Vibe Magazine Is No Mas

  1. wow. I haven’t read VIBE since the mid 90’s–the quality started to fall off considerably–but that’s just incomprehensible that it will no longer be around. I remember when it debuted and it was the HOTNESS–diverse, indepth stories about music I actually cared about. What’s taking its place these days?

  2. Is anyone else sensing a major universal thread between the recent major losses to Black music and Black Media, and their far-reaching consequences?

  3. Many magazines (Time, Newsweek) are expected to fold soon. I’m surprised Vibe lasted this long.

  4. Beautiful Snob,Can ya, like, change out that Cover you used for Vibe?I opened up yer site and that HEAD came screamin’ out at me! I go scar’t just from the 1.35 seconds of exposure before I could shut the browser down … in eye-ball self-protection, lol.

  5. Deep. Vibe and The Source (and Rap Pages, for a time) were the quintesential music and Black pop culture magazines for most late Gen X/early to mid Hip-Hop generation folks like me. I have probably every issue of Vibe and The Source from between 1994 and 2002 at my parents house.What do teenaged Black kids read nowadays to keep up with stuff? Blogs, I guess. Weird.

  6. R.I.P. Vibe Magazine. GOOD RIDDANCE ! This magazine did NOTHING to inspire inner city youth to rise up out of ignorance. GOOD RIDDANCE TO VIBE MAGAZINE ! Please, roll over in your gave, Vibe. The remnants of the filth laden pages will be destroyed more hastily.

  7. VIBE was once my Rolling Stone. And when I say ‘once’ I mean, wayyy back in the day (’93) when it premiered. I loved this mag so much that I covered my dorm walls with images. I collected the mags and even have some of the current (within the past two years) issues….but I’m about to throw them out….The quality of this magazine fell WAY off.I think it’s a major ‘sign’ when you’ve a magazine the caliber of what VIBE ‘once’ was, print ‘issues’ called ‘The Gossip Issue’…….. I have never been so mad at them; and not only did they do it once but twice if my recollection serves me correct. When you reduce a magazine as awesome as VIBE to something akin Hip Hop Weekly then it causes readers like myself to lose major MAJOR INTEREST REAL QUICK-LIKE. And that’s what happened.VIBE magazine r.i.p.

  8. I’m sad Vibe is folding. It was my favorite magazine during my teen years. These comments on here and on other messageboards is really disgusting. I hate the fact that we are so quick to tear down our own and big up white owned companies. The comments regarding the BET Awards and Vibe closing have really shown how much self hatred many black people and that so many of us do feel that we and our institutions are inferior. Using disgusting derogatory terms against each other (coon, n!gger)…………Have you people ever heard of constructive criticism???

  9. @ sashaHow is it self hatred to feel that Black people can and should do better than behave like stereotypes? I didn’t watch the BET awards, but by all accounts I have read it was horrible (Soul Bounce called it "coontastic" which has become my new fave adjective for Black people who don’t know how to act). And what constructive criticism, these venues are supposedly being managed by professionals; so it’s their job to make a good product/presentation. Constructive criticism should be coming from their bosses. As for Vibe, i haven’t read that mag in years, I got tired of seeing all female artists spread eagled on the covers.

  10. I collect magazines and I have several Vibes from the early to mid nighties and they are amazing issues with amazing covers. But over the last 10 years or so Vibe has become a rag. It really became a hip hop mag and that’s not what it was in the beginning. It was a lifestyle mag and was a very good one. And did you guys know that Vibe launced a new magazine just last month called"The Most"? It’s a gossip mag/ Like that’s gonna work with all the gossip sites online.@ BluTopazI’m loving ‘coontastic’ too. It is such a perfect word to describe such things as BET and most rappers.

  11. BluTopaz, what is your definition of doing better? Why do you want black people to "do better"? Is it because you truly care about black people or because you are afraid of white people will think? I watched the BET Awards, and yes they did a half ass job in their tribute to Michael Jackson and the production value of the show overall was bad but people on black blogs and messageboards have gone overboard in their trashing of it and Vibe Magazine. The fact that people use words like coon towards each other is evident of self hatred and an inferiority complex.

  12. @ sasha, sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t have an inferiority complex about having high standards. My friend’s uncle has a great saying: "I’ll stop using the word ni66er when people stop behaving like ni66ers". And no one mentioned what White people think until you did, maybe you could apply some of your own armchair psychiatry to yourself and figure that out? I’m not ashamed to be Black, I’m ashamed that people who behave like buffoons are Black and lowering the bar/standards, and this mindset has contributed to the approach of so many Black kids thinking it’s not only ok to be below sub-par, it’s condoned. You agreed BET did "a half ass job" and the production values were bad- why shouldn’t Black blogs put them on front street? I have seen White blogs do the same re: Academy Awards (relatively speaking, I don’t think anyone at the Oscars went up on stage with a red plastic cup), but my point is, why shouldn’t Black people critique shoddy work by Blacks? And BET has been a minstrel show for decades, Black Snob did a hilarious post where she tried to explain the awards show to her non-Black friend.Re: Vibe, I read it before it became all things hip-hop, and personally I am sick of every cultural outlet re: Black Americans under 40 years old having to be only about hip-hop. I’m sorry that there will be professionals losing their jobs, though. Media is a tough industry even in the best of times (another reason to be competitive and not be half-ass, dontcha think?)

  13. Very well said, BluTopaz. Used to adore VIBE during its height mid-late 90s, but it’s been a steady stream of shit from 2000 on. Folks had at least 8 years to get the mag back to its glory days, but they allowed self-serving interests and prioritizing green over quality. So, while it does suck to see people losing their jobs, VIBE (as of 2000-2009) will not be missed AT ALL.

  14. I used to love the 90’s version of Vibe but the quality did go down and after subscribing for 10 years I let my subscription expire in 2005 which was well before I started reading entertainment blogs.

  15. @Blue Topaz…loving your comments.@Sasha…I shudder at how many of us who, like you, don’t apply rational thinking to racial or racially tinged discussions. As an over correction/overeaction to Black oppression, you defend anything black, even if that black entity is pulling us down. That mentality is why our companies and institutions are inferior. That is why we say "stop snitching" even though black criminals are killing us in the streets. It is not a genetic flaw, but a learned acceptance of coonery that is now manifesting itself as the "authentic balck experience". Sorry, but what’s depicted on BET and Vibe is not the sum definition of Blackness. Sasha, you’ve accepted coontastic lower standards, attack those of us who call it out, and ironically, you don’t get how you’ve furthered the cause of racists who promote the notion that low standards of behavior and performance are all we are capable of. Forget what white people think, Sasha, I don’t want my daughters or any other black person to think that ish is the black norm.

  16. i have the first issue of "vibe" magazine some where in storage…and i remember when it was a magazine that i was proud to subscribe to…as the years rolled on, this magazine became more and more craptastic…i stopped reading it years ago…

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