Joe Jackson: Eleventy-Billion Kinds of Wrong

When I was complaining about the MJ coverage being filled with a lot of hearsay, fourth-hand information, rumor-mongering, controversy rehashing and general assholey-ness the case of Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, was part of that horrendous coverage of which I abhorred.

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As many of us know, Michael Jackson had very little to do with his abusive father as an adult and Joe seems hellbent on showing the world just exactly why. From giving Geraldo interviews about how his son is now worth more dead than alive to shilling his record company and DVDs in interviews on CNN. Classy guy, that asshole. All class. No, I love my son, I miss my son, I wish I had a better relationship with my son, just “He’s dead now! I can make money off him again! Hooray!” Um … no. Sad and tacky. 

The Blu-Ray plugging comes in at about the 3:20 mark, but the whole thing is completely cringe-worthy right from the start and doesn’t stop until the very end. To his credit, Don Lemon maintained his composure throughout the interview and resisted what must have been an overwhelming urge to grab Jackson, slap him across his face a few times and shake him vigorously while screaming, “What the hell is wrong with you old man!” (Gawker)

As if this weren’t gawd awful enough, MSNBC has bought the rights to the documentary “Living With Michael Jackson” where the pop star is made to look like a creepy-deepy pedophile and it’s already in heavy rotation. I mean, if that’s a tribute, color me bewildered. I’m just going to go watch people die on the streets of Tehran for awhile. I just don’t have the stomach for the Joe Jackson and the Grave Robbers routine that’s going on the networks right now.

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  1. This is expected. When Presely died, the hucksters came out of the woodwork. Within one few short years, dozens of books came out with everyone claiming to know him intimately. I didn’t get mad at Joe because I see him as an old kook, even if he looks like an OG. When there’s carion around, the vultures will come out.

  2. WTF Joe? This was your son and less than a week after his death, you are out pimpin’ your own crusty ventures? Seriously? And looking like an unpaid extra from Harlem Nights at the same time?! Done.

  3. I quote OneChele: "And looking like an unpaid extra from Harlem Nights at the same time?!"Ohh, damn, ouch, it’s too much.

  4. I wonder if Joe is thinking about turning his grand kids into the Jackson 3? I hope for their sake that age has mellowed his temper.

  5. Did Joe Jackson go to a WWF match before he got to the press conference? He looks like the lucky kid that got Bret Hart’s sunglasses before he got to the ring. What an ass this man is. I really hope they don’t let him anywhere near MJ’s kids.

  6. I’m sure there’s some unresolved ‘stuff’/payback there since he’s forever portrayed as ‘Joe the monster’ who tortured poor little Michael into his success and ”weirdness’. I don’t know, you can’t really judge a person’s grief but I do wish that he would just step away from the mic and the cameras, he and his whole big-hat, zoot-suited crew. And the networks need to give it a rest as well.

  7. Funny, but I’m not really that bothered by him. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I truly believe that he loves his children despite his controlling and unemotional ways. Joe Jackson is a complicated man. It’s a double edge sword because without his dad’s pushing him so much, Michael Jackson would not have become the person he became, an international pop star! But it’s also because of his dad that Michael Jackson had so many issues. I think Joe Jackson is so excited about the fans reactions because it shows how much his son was loved by so many and he’s probably thinking, "I made him what he is" (yes, I know, that’s good and bad). I can’t be super mad at Joe, even though mentioning his label and business ventures at this time is tacky. I know that type of man, too focused on business to become emotionally invested in the lives and deaths of others. I don’t know what kind of past he had, but I feel sorry for him because he was damaged (hurt) somewhere along in his growing up and unfortunately passed that damage (hurt) on. So keeping all of that in mind, I’m not really angered by his behavior.

  8. Y’know there are a lot of Dads out there who are upset about the way they get treated on Father’s Day.I say next year, we march Joe out into the public eye like 2-3weeks before so that people can put their own father’s behavior into proper perspective & go out to get something more meaningful than another tie & macaroni art for their dear papa.

  9. I see why the Jacksons sent Janet in at the last minute to represent them. I am ashamed of Joe my damn self.

  10. @ Check MateI agree, I really don’t think Janet wanted to be there, hell she doesn’t tend to show up to award shows much under normal circumstances, I think more so she didn’t want Papa Joe up there acting a damn fool. This man makes my blood pressure rise

  11. I think that Michael had clearly and on numerous times expressed his feelings about Father Joe. Clearly, he was correct in his feelings. Joe needs to stop chasing the limelight and stay home to rock the grandbabies. It’s not about Joe!

  12. Latest media gossip – Johnny Depp to play MJ in biopic?!!!! Does anyone know if this is true?

  13. I don’t understand why so many people think Michael would not have been a superstar if he was not horribly abused. Ass whoopings and emotional abuse do not foster talent and ingenuity. Beating the crap out of your kids with a belt and switches is being a violent monster, period. I’ve always wondered how Katherine felt about her role, hers is a tell all book I would read. and Joe in this video saying ‘we just lost the biggest superstar in the world’-how bout you just lost your child you bastard. Like Check Mate said, I think Janet went there to present a dignified front for the family because of their father’s shenanigans. Over the weekend I watched tons of youtube of the family performing at different venues, and it’s amazing how Janet has blossomed from the baby sister to one of the caretakers, I have mad respect for Janet. I truly wanted to cry seeing her stand up there distraught but still poised and soft spoken as always.

  14. joe is evilbut he is only 50% responsible for mj’s insanity/white supremacy/bought baby sagas etc….andmj won over joe with his will!abOUTLOOK

  15. i just watched part of the "Living with Michael Jackson" saga on youtube. Joe Jackson is the reason for the season. MJ’s life merely snowballed from that moment. a child who vomits or faints because their father entered the room has some deep six problems. I’m impressed he survived this long…

  16. What in the world is going on? I just read an article at THE DAILY BEAST that they were given a story by someone on the inside close to Michael Jackson who is claiming that MJ took an overdose of perscription drugs to get out of the 50 show contract that he was to start in July. You just have to read it for yourself; but I find it hard to swallow. I have to hear that story confirmed before I can get to that. Check it out ……Between that story and the story that the ugly woman is not the biological mother of the two children and they were never adopted by MJ is all just too confusing for me to grasp at this point.

  17. PEOPLE(s),My problem is not with Joe Jackson. I have NO IDEA how he feels about his son’s death. My problem is with the "single-voice" MSM and now the "choirboys" on the blogs that have said in one unholy voice: "Joe Jackson, Michael "GOD" (uh…. child molester who pulled an OJ) Jackson’s Father is/was a VERY BAD FATHER".There are many, many historical examples of fathers pushing their children to become uber-successful at a given vocation. Alexander the Great? Jesus?The Williams Sisters and Tiger Woods come to mind right away and were preceeded by the Jacksons. But, no matter what level of superstardom their children reach, the WHITE MSM and now the BLOGS continue to deamonize the STRONG BLACK FATHER. Please tell me what the Jacksons, Williams and Woods children would be doing RIGHT NOW if their fathers hadn’t driven/guided them to success? I can still recall how it works. The media can’t get access to the child stars and unduly influence them or ROB them blind, so they single out the STRONG BLACK MALE influence in their lives and try to create dissent in order to pry the children away from their protectors. A) REMEMBER how Richard Williams was portrayed by the pro tennis media as an "ignorant GHETTO bystander" who was only trying to control their fortune? Who exactly sacrificed to coach and teach them and make sure they got the best instruction his meager salary could afford? How did that turn out?B) REMEMBER how Earl Woods was considered an "UPPITY" camera hog? I don’t need to tell you how even 60 Minutes tried there best to portray him as "too vocal" and how he should "stay in the background" instead of challenging prejudiced white folks by constantly giving them a racial history lesson. They didn’t even respect him enough to call him by the title he EARNED (Colonel Woods) by being a "GREEN BERET Colonel in VIET NAM" during their many, many interviews. Yet they can call any low-life cracker in the South "Colonel", with deep conviction and respect. STRONG BLACK FATHER = NO MSM RESPECT C) Now it’s Michelle Wie’s turn. Consider how her 2 highly educated, Korean-American professer parents are scorned by the golf media for "OVER" protecting their then 12 year old child. Michelle Wie attended a private high school in Hawaii (before she made a dime playing golf) and is now enrolled at Stanford, and happens to be good enough to QUALIFY to play on the LPGA. Her MSM detractors have singled out her "overprotective" parents as culprits when in fact Michelle Wie’s parents secured a contract for their daughter worth over 15 MILLION dollars when she was only 16 years old, and she has "yet" to win a single professional golf tournament.Wow, if that’s how you define bad parenting…SIGN ME UP….!!!!The truth is that the MSM loves a SCANDAL. They are in the business of CREATING scandal where there is none.REMEMBER how LaToya Jackson wrote a lame book and was told by her publisher to INVENT a scandal because without one, her book was boring. They convinced her to say that her "FATHER molested both she and Janet". She later retracted that VILE slander AFTER the publicity tour, throng of interviews and her book sales peaked. Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton only wish they had someone to protect them. Look how that turned out?But, the MSM just loves a ho…!!!!STRONG BLACK FATHER = NO MSM R.E.S.P.E.C.T."If they can’t exploit your children, they’ll scandalize YOU and make money anyway."One question for those who think that Joe Jackson was out of line at his recent presser: "Exactly who will get his "new record company" money when he dies?" Oh, yeah…HIS FAMILY…!!! I happen to agree with Joe Jackson. The press are there to EXPLOIT the death of his son for profit, not praise. Consider how every word of praise is followed by a 1/2 hour of child molestation charges. If I were Joe, I’d use the press exactly the same way they are using his FAMILY, and their grief, to make money. Shameless Self-promotion, or, as it’s known in Hollywood and Manahattan, show-BUSINESS…!!!!Stop Hatin’ on BLACK FATHERS. Don’t buy into the MSM’s racist hype.Much Love,Domino49PS. The ROOT of all the scandals surrounding Michael Jackson started when he BOUGHT the BEATLES songbook. The MSM tried their best to break him when he bought, what THEY considered to be, THE HOLY GRAIL of pop (white) music creativity. Mowtown? Yeah, right..!!"How dare Michael Jackson have enough business sense and cash to pull that off, LETS DESTROY HIM…!!!"So, the next time the white MSM sends out a "colored flunky" (Don Lemon?) to try and exploit a black family’s grief,remember Joe Jackson turned the tables on them and GOT PAID………..

  18. SMH @ you comparing that asshole Joe Jackson to the far-more-determined-yet-compassionate Richard Williams. Last I checked, Papa Williams didn’t tear Venus & Serena down with constant physical and verbal abuse.

  19. I REALLY don’t buy the whole notion that MJ wouldn’t have been MJ, had his father not pushed him hard enough AKA emotionally and physically abused him from age 5 or whenever it was he started! If anything, he would have been a BETTER entertainer, he’d have peace of mind knowing his family loved him regardless of what he did, and he would feel supported, rather than stifled, and have his childhood stolen away from him. Joe Jackson could have created the Jackson 5 without harming Mike the way he did. It’s unacceptable, and I just feel really weird when people think that way, like ‘Oh, well you wouldn’t have had Thriller to listen to if ..blah blah blah’- NO, how could anyone wish a person to become a huge star and attribute even ONE part of his success to his abusive father? Michael most likely had to shut his dad out of his head in ORDER to become who he became in the end. K. My fingers hurt.

  20. @Tousanj: agreed. MJ said their father would beat them when they missed a step in rehearsal. I’m pretty sure TW’s father didn’t whip him every time he missed a putt. There is a difference between stern discipline and abuse. MJ’s father crossed that line over and over again. Joe is not to blame for all of MJ’s problems but he certainly part of the root cause.

  21. People(s),I find it quite interesting how some respondents STILL "echo" the MSM "Joe Jackson was a bad father meme. This crowd must be much too young to remember when a "spanking" wasn’t considered CHILD ABUSE. Today, if you tell your kid NO, it’s considered emotional abuse. P-llllleeeeeeezzzzzzz….!!!! The Jackson kids would have (statisticly speaking) more easily become crack-heads, felons and hos or unwed parents without the STRICT upbringing and discipline their FATHER provided. In addition, I find it quite a hoot that some of you must not have a clue about the city (Gary, Indiana) and neighborhood where the Jacksons grew up. Crime, gangs and drug use was/is rampant. Despite the racist MSM’s "white fantasy world projections", little black ghetto kids don’t self-promote themselves into mega-million dollar record deals, at least not on this planet.For those who insist on "echoing" the racist MSM’s "Michael had enough talent to be famous without his CRUEL father", I can only laugh at your inexperience and suggest that perhaps you are living in a silk-lined, post-60’s suburban bubble. MOST of the neighbors in the Jackson neighborhood DIDN’T have a father figure in their homes. This made the FATHERLESS kids easy victims for gangs and drugs. Joe Jackson PROTECTED his children. Because of his LOVE and GUIDANCE they became mega-successful BECAUSE of his efforts, not in spite of his MSM proported CRUELTY.Consider this: A black man in America in the Jim Crow 60’s Northern city of Gary, Indiana provided enough LOVE, GUIDANCE and ….DISCIPLINE to overcome his personal lack of education and connections to raise his children to become SUPERSTARS.THAT, is a fitting tribute to Joe Jackson………If Joe Jackson hadn’t SHELTERED his children and insisted that they comport themselves with DISCIPLINE, neither Diana Ross nor Barry Gordy would have EVER heard of them.Jus Sayin’Domino49PS.I just read in the paper today that a little black girl in Chicago was killed by gang crossfire while washing her dog in her own backyard. Perhaps she would have become the next Diana Ross "IF" she was inside her home practicing music at her CRUEL father’s insistance. We’ll never know.BUT, we do know that none of Joe Jackson’s many, many children became felons, dopeheads, hos OR victims of gangs………

  22. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, (DOMINO) FINALLY!!!! I came to this BLOG hoping to see a BLOG about Mrs. KATHERINE JACKSON! but, oh NO i see JOE JACKSON. have you BLACK FOLK’S been watching the MEDIA! the MEDIA is ATTACKING MRS. JACKSON as if she is a pile of DIRT, and all you people can think about is what a BLACK MAN did to his son 50 YEAR’S AGO, have any of you people ever had your BUTT’S WHIPPED? you people don’t know what it was like in the SIXTY’S! this man had six BLACK SON’S, yes JOE WHIPPED his son’s, and so what if he used a SWITCH or BELT! they didn’t DIE did they? if this BLACK MAN had really beat his small son the way MICHAEL say’s he did, he would have died as a child! and as a matter of fact I never ever heard of any black child being beat to death when I was growing up, and trust me we got our BUTT’S beat with SWITCH’S and BELT’S!Some of you people claim to be so PERPLEXED! you let the MEDIA use all of these WHITE FOLK’S WORD’S! and now you claim as if this was the worst BLACK MAN in the WORLD! please give me a BREAK! each time MICHAEL had to go to COURT, JOE JACKSON was by his side, MICHAEL was alway’s doing STUFF to bring shame to his FAMILY! his poor old mother was broke down from going back and forth to court behind MICHAEL! I love MICHEAL but, he was a BIG GROWN MAN and he did not want to grow up and he had enough time to do so! JOE is NOT RESPONSIBLE for MICHAEL cutting off half his nose, and if that was not enough, look at what he did to his skin, it’s hard for me to believe he had a skin disease, but if he did my heart go’s out to him!Thank you (DOMINO) for SPEAKING the GOD’S HONEST truth! you people need to watch NANCY GRACE, she is sending out CODED message’s to DEBBIE ROWE! these WHITE FOLK’S want DEBBIE ROWE to challenge Mrs. JACKSON over those KID’S! and they also want DEBBIE ROWE to get MICHAEL’S estate, and if you think for one minute, DEBBIE ROWE will not step up with the best LAWYER in AMERICA and fight to get the kid’s she never wanted, then think again!!!!!!! PAY attention people, the MEDIA has you focusing on the wrong thing, this is not about JOE JACKSON

  23. @ all who disagree with my opinion, no I don’t live in a 60’s style suburban neighborhood, and I have no clue what an "MSM" is. But I just feel like whether or not they would have been the HUGE stars they were, I know from experience that ART comes from inside, and there have been MANY artists in the past who have come from NOTHING and made something of themselves, this is not news. Regardless of the breakout of the J5, it wouldn’t matter to have the fame and fortune Michael did, if in the end, all he wanted was to be freaking NORMAL. So stop applauding Joe Jackson, or both parents for that matter, for pushing them to become the stars they became, he barely had a choice- what was he like 5 years old when he started?!? And also, I realize children get disciplined, or "whooped" like Jermaine and Joe often recalled, but that doesn’t make it right. It also doesn’t take into account each kids’ personality and sensitivity. It may not have hurt his other siblings, but everyone’s different, man. You don’t know MJ, but he himself always brought up in interviews the effect his father had on him, and it was always one of abuse, fear, and intimidation. It’s not "just about Joe Jackson", and the media didn’t just pull this out of their ass, Joe Jackson did a well enough job of making an ass out of himself FULL TIME!! Of course other things were to blame for MJ’s subsequent troubles, and emotional fragility- including the media! Of course his family stood by his side, including his father, but that’s his damn job! Just don’t underestimate the power of physical or emotional abuse. Lastly people, I am the BIGGEST fan, I am still mourning his death, and I am STILL crying when I hear his songs but ya’ll act like God forbid he didn’t get his ass whooped and forced in the studio- Michael Jackson wouldn’t be "Michael Jackson". So WHAT? He should have been allowed to live.

  24. My mother raised eight children on her own, five girl’s and three boy’s, one SISTER DIED from drug’s and the other BROTHER DIED from DRUG’S, my father was nowhere to be found, my mother was left with EIGHT children to raise on her own, I can remember going to school HUNGRY, so should I run around and scream to people that my mother ABUSED us because she was not able to provide BREAKFAST for her EIGHT CHILDREN, NO!!!!! she was doing the best she could, she made three dollar’s a day WORKING in the WHITE FOLK’S HOME! and when she came home at night, she alway’s made sure she prepared a BIG MEAL, oh, and this was in the sixty’s! their was no such thing as FREE FOOD STAMP’S! and I wonder who FEED and CLOTHED all of JOE JACKSON’S kid when they were REHEARSING? was it the SYSTEM or JOE JACKSON?I can tell from some of the comment’s that some of you are leaving,hat you are the product of the EIGHTY’S and NINETY’S, you sit back and CRITICIZE a BLACK MAN for not being a PERFECT FATHER, well welcome to the REAL WORLD! and who know’s what SERENA and her sister went through behind the scene’s, they didn’t let the MEDIA bait them into tearing their father down, and what about TIGER WOOD’S, he was young when he began to play golf, he was BIRACIAL at that! who know’s what his father said or did to push his son, and as a matter of fact, why should we dwell on the past? oh, I know why, because the MEDIA want’s to PLANT NEGATIVE JUNK in our mind’s when it come’s to BLACK MEN, and it is working with some SIMPLE MINDED forgetful so called AFRICAN AMERICAN’S, the MEDIA is like a BUNCH of VULTURE’S out to destroy the name of the JACKSON’S, and some of you are falling PREY to it, they cannot take the fact that a BLACK FAMILY can reach this much status, I was hoping that their would be more comment’s like DOMINO49, but, NO!! so DOMINO49 continue to COMMENT! I need to know that their is someone out their that has INSIGHT!DEBBIE ROWE has her LAWYER’S ready, and before this is over, the MEDIA is going to turn this into a RACE BATTLE! and I pray to GOD that this WOMAN has mercy on this 79 year old BLACK WOMAN, Mrs. JACKSON doe’s not deserve this! oh but, I heard people say thing’s like ( WHY WOULD A MOTHER LET HER HUSBAND ABUSE HER CHILDREN! people this is what some people in the MEDIA is saying about MICHAEL JACKSON’S MOTHER! and I’m sure some of you so called ELITE AFRICAN AMERICAN’S have been thinking the same thing! so sit back and watch, and let’s see how the MEDIA will attempt to tear down Mrs. JACKSON the BLACK WOMAN and BUILD up the WHITE WOMAN!

  25. MAIRA, the term MSM mean’s MAIN STREAM MEDIA where do you get your information from? you need to pay ATTENTION! so you can LEARN what is going on with the JACKSON FAMILY, you gave your personal opinion of JOE JACKSON as a FATHER, so pay closer attention at how the MEDIA is trying to portray him as a BLACK MAN, or do you care, and how deep is your INSIGHT on the DESTRUCTION of the BLACK MAN and the BLACK FAMILY?

  26. "Lookin like a crackhead Isley Brother. GO SIT YA DUMBASS DOWN SOMEWHERE JOE!!!!!"who ever wrote this has had me on the floor in stitches!!!!!!! I have never laughed sooooooo hard! I am crying from the laughter!! I had to call my best friend to read it to her!!!! This is killing me:))))

  27. People please!!! I am a hispanic female 41 years old and I was beat with a belt, shoe, my mother dragged me by my hair and banged my head profusly on the floor as a child. I went to school many days with migrains, and welts on my back. Please please understand that it does matter and it does affect a child into their adulthood psychologically. I had to fight this cycle with my own children. I never wanted to be like my mother. her father, my grandfather was a violent man that beat them and my grandmother and so she did the same. My childhood memories are few that are good. this robbed me of many happy times. just because in the sixties they did this or in the seventies, does not make it acceptable today!!!! Joe Jackson killed their sprirt. Michael longed for a normal childhood. at five years old he was bullied into this life of entertainment by his father. I will always understand the pain he went through.

  28. Domino49, take off your tinfoil hat already. The media can’t cause you to lighten your skin, have 30 plastic surgeries, adopt white children, sleep with kids (and possibly molest them), dangle your kid over a balcony, take ten trillion dangerous prescription drugs…Sorry, but Jackson, for all his wonderful musical ability (and I do like most of his music), was a disturbed person. The fact that he – one man – was disturbed in no way reflects on the black race as a whole. It’s time for us to give up this crazy bunker mentality. The world isn’t out to get us.

  29. There will always be elements of a black family’s upbringing that white people will not ever get. Nancy Grace can’t imagine someone whipping someone else’s child? Well wake up. it happens all the time. It takes a village to raise a child, and the African village ain’t never heard of no "time out". Mother used a leather belt on me and my brother, my cousins got worse from their parents. It was part of the culture, for right or for wrong. White people will never understand that.

  30. I watched Joe Jackson last night on Larry King Live and I was amazed by his lack of emotion. I mean, there wasn’t ANY emotion. It was so odd to hear him say "my son, Michael Jackson, international superstar." It was like he was talking about someone he had never met, someone who needed all that introduction. I finally came to the conclusion the Joe just doesn’t feel anything. That’s why he didn’t think twice about promoting his new project. It is why we haven’t seen or heard any believable rection about MJ. When Larry King asked him how he felt about Jermaine’s statement that he wished he had died instead, Joe couldn’t answer. I don’t think he even understood what he was being asked. He couldn’t grasp that Larry King was asking him to talk about his feelings. He doesn’t understand the concept of feelings. It was like watching a robot try to answer questions about feelings when all it really understands are facts. I cannot even imagine what a nightmare it must have been to grow with a father like that. It just makes all of this even more sad.

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